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She never was dating John Cena. Anyway John is now married to Elizabeth Huberdeau

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Q: Are john cena annd kelly kelly still dating?
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Did kelly kelly and john cena go out?

No they did not!! Cena is married and Kelly is dating Justin Gaberial

Is john cena and kelly kelly dating?

No but once they were

Is it true that john cena is dating Kelly Kelly right now?

She's Dating Cody Rhodes December 2009 No she is not Dating Cena he is married! No she is not dating Cody Rhodes, her boyfriend wrestlers for All Japan wrestling! Cody is not dating anyone John Cena and Kelly Kelly are dating! 2011

Is Kelly Kelly married to John Cena?

ORIGINAL: John Cena is currently engaged to someone else.Kelly Kelly is currently dating Andrew Martin [who was formely Test in the WWE].Therefore Cena and Kelly Kelly are not married. NEW: John Cena is getting married in July 2009. Kelly Kelly is no longer dating Andrew "Test" Martin, due to his death. (Age: 33) Therefore Cena and Kelly Kelly are not married, and I dont even think that they even dated.March 2009Kelly and Test broke up sometime last year! Kelly never dated Cena!!

Has john cena ever dated kelly kelly?

yes john cena has dated kelly kelly in the past but married now even though hes having problems and i don't know who he's dating right now,if hes dating anyone.

Who is aj lee dating in the WWE 2013?

aj is dating daniel brian and jonh cena and cm puck and eve kelly kelly but she said no so now she not dating kelly kelly anymore but she is dating chris chorikol and she is a hoe.

John cena n mickey James dating?

yea there still dating no, john cena is married

Who is john cena's 2010 girlfriend?

Kelly Kelly John is not dating Kelly. John is married to his high school sweetheart Liz

Are john cena nikka Bella still dating?

no :(

Is john cena still dating mickie James?

Yes he is

Why did John cena break up with kelly kelly?

because John cena kisses Y Maria and Kelly Kelly gets mad in John cena

When did john cena tell KELLY he loved her?

Never. John Cena was never involved with Kelly Kelly

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