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Field Lacrosse they are usually the same as players gloves

Box Lacrosse, definitely different and more reinforced. You can use hockey gloves because they tend to have reinforced thumbs and wrists

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Q: Are goalie gloves different from regular gloves in lacrosse?
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What equipment does a girl lacrosse goalie wear?

Helmet with facemask and throat guard attached, chest protector, arm pads, leg pads, jill, padded gloves- this is for box lacrosse

What pads do you need for lacrosse?

Mandatory equipment include a helmet, arm pads, shoulder pads, gloves, lacrosse stick (obviously), and a cup (highly recommended). One optional piece of equipment is a rib guard. Goalies need special equipment such as goalie stick, goalie chest pad, throat guard, and padded goalie pants.

What are soccer gloves called?

normally they are called goalie gloves because only the goalie wears them! :)

How do soccer goalie gloves differ from other sports athletic gloves?

Soccer goalie gloves differ from other sports athletic gloves because of the padding on the back of the glove to protect the metacarpals on the goalie's hand from breaking if the ball made contact with the back of the goalie's hand. These gloves are almost reminiscent of UFC training gloves except for the fact that the fingers are covered on soccer goalie gloves as well.

Where can one purchase goalie gloves?

Goalie gloves can be purchased at any sports store. Dick's Sporting Goods offers a comprehensive guide for choosing which goalie gloves are suited for certain people.

Is there a difference between starter soccer goalie gloves and normal soccer goalie gloves?

No all gloves are the same, just depends on which brand you purchase.

How do o string a lacrosse goalie net?

take your lacrosse net to a store

What sport can fat people do?

lacrosse goalie

Can you use your feet as a goalie in lacrosse?


What to do if you get a rash from goalie gloves?

i get it too!

I need help playing goalie my hands burn?

I recommend goalie gloves.

What is the shortest you can have a lacrosse goalie stick?

35 inches

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