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of course!

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Q: Are chipper golf clubs aloud in a regulation tournament?
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Related questions

Is a two way chipper a legal golf club?

No, clubs with two striking faces are illegal.

In golf competiton is it legal to use a two sided chipper?

No, clubs with two striking faces are illegal.

Can you carry 15 clubs as long as you declare?

No if you are playing in a tournament you can have no more than 14 clubs no matter what. If you are playing for fun you can play with 15 clubs if you want.

I am 5'9 how tall should my golf clubs be?

i would go with regulation if i were you. but it depends on what you like. regulation would be the best i think

Can you use the back of your golf club?

Yes,but if it is a "chipper with 2 faces this counts as 2 clubs in your bag and some are banned

How many clubs in a golf bag is a putter considered a golf club?

There can be 14 clubs in a golf bag during tournament play. The putter is considered one of the clubs.

What is the maximum number of golf clubs that can be used during a regulation round of golf?


Can a double-headed chipper be used in competition if it is classed as two clubs in the golf bag?

No, this is because clubs with two striking faces are banned. So no, it cannot be used even if classed as two clubs. There is an exception to this rule, and that is putters with two striking faces.

How many clubs is a golfer to carries in a tournament?

The rules state that a golfer may only carry 14 clubs in a stipulated round of competition play.

What is the maximum number of clubs a golfer can use in an organised tournament?

You are allowed to carry 14 clubs maximum in your bag for organized tourneys whether you use them or not.

Are putter chipper golf clubs legal?

Yes, they are. But only on the condition that they have one striking face, the ones that have two striking faces are illegal.

Is a two-sided club like a chipper with two identical sides illegal in golf?

Yes, clubs with two striking faces are illegal.

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