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No - Kicker Matt Stover was the last original Brown (player) who came to Baltimore during the move to leave the Ravens.

He left the team during the 2008 season, when new Head Coach John Harbaugh took over the Ravens. Regretting the move later, Harbaugh released Stover in favor of a younger kicker. Stover wound up as the temporary replacement kicker for injured Adam Vinatier of the Indianapolis Colts, who went on to the Super Bowl in 2009 with Stover as kicker.

Stover is still a revered figure in Baltimore, having had his name added to the stadium's Ring of Honor after he retired. He is also still active in the Baltimore community.

The last original Brown (non-player) staffer still with the Ravens is current Ravens VP/General Manager and Hall of Famer Ozzie Newsome. Widely regarded as one of the best GM's in the NFL, Newsome has consistently steered the Ravens to winning seasons, and has a knack for finding great talent at even better prices.

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Q: Are any of the 1995 Cleveland Browns playing on the 2012 Baltimore Ravens?
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