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yes. Jawaun Howard * no, they passed away from complications of the heart...simulatanously

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โˆ™ 2009-09-05 15:21:24
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Q: Are any of michigans fab five still playing in the NBA?
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Who is the oldes player still playing in the NBA?

Who is the oldest player in the nba

Is Dikembe Mutombo still playing in the NBA?

No he is not.

How long has dirk nowitzki play for NBA?

Dirk started in the NBA in 1998 and is still playing.

How long has Dwyane Wade been playing in the nba?

five years

In five years time what will Troy Bolton be?

In the NBA playing basketball.

Who is the oldest nba player still playing?

Steve Nash is the oldest player playing in NBA currently. He is 40 years old and is playing for Los Angeles Lakers.

Is Robert Horry still playing in the NBA?

No, he's retired.

Is Vin Baker still playing in the NBA?

No he is a recovering alcholic.

Did shaquille o'neil have is basketball jersay reitred?

No he is still playing in the NBA.

Which member of the michigans fab 5 did not play in the nba?

Ray Jackson. While he signed a contract with the New York Knicks, he was cut before the season started and never played an NBA game.

Is Steve Nash dead?

No, Steve Nash is not dead. He is still playing for the Phoenix Suns in the NBA.

How long was Kevin Garnett in the NBA?

Kevin Garnett has played for 14 years. He is still playing.

What team were the Chicago Bulls playing in game five of the 1989 NBA playoffs?

The Cleveland Cavaliers! yeah baby!

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Bill Russell has 11 rings, the most, Michael Jordan has six, Kobe has five, Lebron still has zero(haha)

Is dereck fisher in the NBA still?

Derek Fisher is still in the NBA but is very old.

What year did amare stoutdemire start playing in the nba?

amare started playing in the nba in 2002.

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Yes, he is still playin for the lakers and the NBA. But he will retire in the season of 2013-2014. Plus, he'll be a Hall of Famer.

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Stephon Marbury finished last season with the Boston Celtics.

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You had to been playing the NBA in high school and college and if they draft you then you go to the NBA

When did magic Johnson start playing in the NBA?

when did Magic Johnson start playing in the NBA He started playing in the 1984-1985 season

When was Michael Jordan on a video game?

In most NBA games, you can still use Jordan, even though he stopped playing.

How long has Kobe been playing basketball in the nba?

Kobe Bryant has been playing in the NBA for 16 years now.

Does Michael Finley still play in the NBA?

Michael Finley in his last games as a spur was overall a good shooter. but I'm 75 percent sure he is not playing anymore. he may be undrafted or a free agent which is not playing in the nba but if you hear he's retiring then i can say

What are the benefits of the NBA?

watching the NBA, its the best sport ever invented, playing in the nba ur filthy rich

When do you get into the NBA on NBA 2k 6?

You will see what is inside an NBA team's arena by choosing a team for you and the CPU and playing it.