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The Cleveland Cavaliers! yeah baby!

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Q: What team were the Chicago Bulls playing in game five of the 1989 NBA playoffs?
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New York Knicks playoffs 1989?

In the 1989 NBA playoffs, the Knicks defeated the 76ers in the Eastern Conference first round and then lost to the Bulls in the second round.

When Was Michael Jordan First Game With The Chicago Bulls?

Michael Jordan is a tall basketball player that hit the shot for the Chicago bulls in 1989. This shot won the 5th game in the 1989 Eastern conference first round.

How any rings does Dennis rodman have with the Chicago bulls?

He has two with Detriot. One in 1989, and the other in 1990.

How much did Michael Jordan make per season?

1984-85 Chicago Bulls NBA $550,000 1985-86 Chicago Bulls NBA $630,000 1986-87 Chicago Bulls NBA $737,500 1987-88 Chicago Bulls NBA $845,000 1988-89 Chicago Bulls NBA $2,000,000 1989-90 Chicago Bulls NBA $2,250,000 1990-91 Chicago Bulls NBA $2,500,000 1991-92 Chicago Bulls NBA $3,250,000 1992-93 Chicago Bulls NBA $4,000,000 1993-94 Chicago Bulls NBA $4,000,000 1994-95 Chicago Bulls NBA $3,850,000 1995-96 Chicago Bulls NBA $3,850,000 1996-97 Chicago Bulls NBA $30,140,000 1997-98 Chicago Bulls NBA $33,140,000 2001-02 Washington Wizards NBA $1,000,000 2002-03 Washington Wizards NBA $1,030,000 Career (may be incomplete) $93,772,500

What NBA basketball team won the NBA championships in the 90's?

1990: Detroit Pistons 1991: Chicago Bulls 1992: Chicago Bulls 1993: Chicago Bulls 1994: Houston Rockets 1995: Houston Rockets 1996: Chicago Bulls 1997: Chicago Bulls 1998: Chicago Bulls 1999: San Antonio Spurs 2000: Los Angeles Lakers

Who did the san francisco giants play in the 1989 national league playoffs?

The Giants won the 1989 National League Championship Series by defeating the Chicago Cubs four games to one.

What are the names of the teams that Phil Jackson has coached?

Chicago Bulls (1989-1998) Los Angeles Lakers (1999-2004, 2005-2011)

Who did Dennis rodman win championships with?

Dennis Rodman won two titles with the Detroit Pistons in 1989 and 1990. Then he won three more with the Chicago Bulls in 1996, 1997, and 1998.

What nba players won 3 championships with 3 different teams?

The Detriot Pistons in 1989, 1990 and 2004.

How many rings does Dennis rodman have and with what teams?

Five. Two with the Pistons (1989, 1990) and three with the Bulls (1996, 1997, 1998).

When was Sinon Bulls created?

Sinon Bulls was created in 1989.

What is the value of a 1989 Chicago Bulls autographed game ball that includes Michael Jordan's signature?

Game Ball or Mini Ball? Whole Team or just MJ?