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yes.. yes they are

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Q: Are Wimbledon tennis balls kept in fridge?
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Why are Wimbledon tennis balls kept in fridge?

The balls are filled with gas and to ensure that they all have the same "bounce" they are kept in a fridge until use. Gas expands by heat.

What is kept at a temperature of twenty degrees during Wimbledon tennis tournament?

Tenis ball

What kind of tennis ball bounces the highest?

Tennis balls that are kept at about 70 degrees and a low humidity will bounce higher on a given surface than balls kept at extremes of either environmental measure. Tennis balls used at professional tennis events are designed for the venue's specific surface, such that, for the most part, all will bounce equally high on their corresponding surface. Given that, a ball designed for a grass or clay court, will probably bounce higher on a hard court than a ball designed for a hard count.

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