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It's tennis ball.

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2009-04-20 09:39:07
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Q: Which ball bounce more tennis ball baseball cricket ball or rubber ball?
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Why are tennis balls made of rubber?

Rubber can bounce for a longer time and it can be played be a tennis racquet (you can not hit a cricket ball with tennis racquet) and one more reason is there is none other material other than rubber balls are made of rubber

Why are tennis balls made from rubber?

Rubber helps Tennis Balls bounce better. If you get the kind of tennis balls with a very solid and not hollow rubber, it won't bounce. If it's hollow it will bounce way better. How could tennis balls not bounce without rubber? Tennis balls are made of rubber because it helps it bounce. This may sound silly, but how could a tennis ball bounce without being made of rubber? Tennis balls need rubber so that when they come into contact with the ground they do not burst or crack. It will dent slightly and go back to its original form. This is an advantage to a tennis ball being made out of rubber. so it can bounce.

Why is rubber used in a tennis ball?

Rubber is known for its ability to bounce, and how strong it is. A tennis ball is used for the sport of tennis. It needs to be able to bounce, and be strong and sturdy so it can be hit. That is why rubber is a major use in a tennis ball.

How does a tennis ball's material affect its bounce?

by the kind of rubber

What will bounce higher a tennis ball or baseball?

Test is!. A tennis ball is going to bounce higher.

How do tennis balls bounce?

They are hollow rubber balls. Hope this helps!

Would microwaving a tennis ball increase the bounce?

Do NOT microwave a tennis ball. It will melt the rubber and the fumes emitting will temporarily blur your pupils. It does not increase bounce, it only melts.

Which is faster baseball tennis ball or a cricket ball?

Tennis ball

Why does a tennis ball bounce higher than a baseball?

Tennis ball is hollow and lighter where as a baseball is heavier and dense.

Is height an advantage to tennis players and cricket bowlers?

Yes and No. Yes in tennis as you can reach further and Yes in cricket as you get more bounce and bowl faster. But a No for both is that you are more clumsy and un-coordinated.

What sports have no time limit?

Tennis Baseball Cricket

Does heat affect the height a tennis ball bounces?

Yes, it makes the rubber ball a little softer and therefore a bit bouncier. In the cold the rubber is cold so it will not bounce as high. -competitive tennis player

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