Are HKD skateboard wheels fast

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with skateboards its not the wheel that make the board go faster its the bearings the fastest ones out there are bones ceramic swiss

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Q: Are HKD skateboard wheels fast
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What can go faster ripstick or skateboard?

The skateboard goes faster if the skateboards wheels are good and fast than the skateboard will go faster than a ripstick.

How many wheels does a skateboard have?

A skateboard has 4 wheels.

Is walmart skateboard wheels better than the mall skateboard wheels?


What skateboard wheels are easier to turn on?

Wheels dont make a skateboard easier to turn on the skateboard trucks do that.

Do hard skateboard wheels wear faster than soft skateboard wheels?


How can you get your skateboard wheels smaller than 54mm to like 49mm fast as possible?

Get fast bearings, and keep theme greased.

What makes a skateboard fast or slow?

the friction between the wheels and the surface of the ground affect the speed of the skateboard. fo instance if you ride the skateboard on a smooth surface (with less friction) the skateboard will go faster.

What are the goodest skateboard wheels?

Bones wheels

Do skateboard wheels have sizes?

yes the sizes of skateboard wheels range from 40-70 mm

Are turbo skateboard are real?

Well, if for turbo skateboard you mean a skateboard that goes really fast, then the answer is yes! It all depends of the type of wheels you are using, the trucks and how loose or tight they are, the material of the skateboard, the strenght you put on your toes when impulsing and the ground where are you skating.

What is a manual on a skateboard?

It is pretty much a wheely on a skateboard but with 2 wheels.

Can you fit any type of skateboard wheels on any skateboard?


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