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Well, if for turbo skateboard you mean a skateboard that goes really fast, then the answer is yes!

It all depends of the type of wheels you are using, the trucks and how loose or tight they are, the material of the skateboard, the strenght you put on your toes when impulsing and the ground where are you skating.

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โˆ™ 2010-09-13 06:08:00
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Q: Are turbo skateboard are real
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How can tell if with a fake skateboard and a real skateboard?

no such thing as a "fake" skateboard, the only difference is quality.

Is Pig a real type of skateboard?

Yes, Pig is a brand of skateboard.

Is a Kryptonics skateboard a real skateboard?

yes it is you just have to get it from the right place

How do you make a real skateboard?

First you get a skateboard thaN your eat it and digest it and it makes a REAL skateboardOr take a walk down to your local skateshop and pick up a "real" board.

What is turbo's real name in breakdance?

Theo is Turbo's real name in Breakdance.

What is the difference between a real skateboard and a fake skateboard?

a real skateboard is purchased in a boardshop, usually selling snowboards, skateboards and surfboards. A fake skateboard is one that is purchased at wallmart, big five, or any other sporting good store. MUST BE EXCLUSIVELY A BOARDSHOP!

Is a hippie ollie a real trick on a skateboard?

yes a hippie ollie is a real trick. its just where your riding and you jump up and land on your skateboard. the skateboard stays on the ground but u jump. very different from an ollie.

What kind of skateboard can you buy with 25 dollars?

You can buy a cheap fake plastic skateboard, the one's they sell at walmart! a real skateboard would cost about 85.00 to 100.00 dollars now the cheapest a real skateboard would cost is about 57.00 dollars but it probably wouldn't have raw features that you would probably want butif your really desperat i would say about 57.00 dollars for a low price real skateboard.

1080 skateboard real?

Ya if you can

Can go faster skateboard or ripstick?

depends on the type if its a walmart board then its ripstick a real board then skateboard

What skateboard did Bart Simpson ride?

a fishtale type skateboard im not sure its a real skateboard but you could easily modify a old school fishtale skateboard to make it like barts

Is anyone sponsoring fingerboarders?

No, Go and get a real skateboard,

How much does a real skateboard cost?


Is Real A Good Skateboard Brand?

yes of course

How do you adjust a ripstick to be smaller?

you buy a real skateboard.

How do you make turbo duels real in real life?

You can't.

What are all of the tricks you can do on a Tech Deck?

anything you can do on a real skateboard....

What is faster a bicycle or a skateboard?

bike but sk8board real fun

How do you do an ollie on the ripstikG?

you olly just like you do on a real skateboard

How much does a real skate board cost?

It depends of the skateboard

Does a seven ply skateboard indicate that it is a real skateboard?

From VooDoo 13;-If there's a piece of wood w/ wheels bolted to it, it's technically a 'real' skateboard. - Most skateboard decks like Santa Cruz, Creature, Bullet, Zero, Girl, Toy Machine & Flip are made of 7 ply maple wood. Blind and Darkstar have some 9 ply skateboards. Element makes a skateboard series which has a fiberglass strip inside of the board.

How do you get a skateboard on free rider 2?

there is a site that you can play free rider 2 on with a skateboard....its on "" check it out That's The Real One.

Can you bring longboard to a skateboarding lesson?

Yeah, if you want to get beat up. Get a real skateboard!

What is the longest manual on a skateboard?

There was a kid on youtube who did a 890 meter manual (real) on a skateboard. Which is about 919.9 feet. The longest time for a manual though is 3 minutes and 25 seconds.

What is turbo c variables?

Turbo C variables are memory place holders for storage of data during the execution of a Turbo C program. Types of variables include integer, real and char.