Any cricket player who is shia?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Shahid Afridi

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Q: Any cricket player who is shia?
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Is imran khan Pakistan cricket player turned Politian sunni or shia?

He is a Pathan and there is no link to shia

Who is the cricket player?

Any person who plays as part of a cricket team is a cricket player. He can be a batsman, bowler, wicket keeper, fielder etc.

Do you have any information on Michael Slater?

He is an Australian cricket player.

Is there any Indian cricket player that lives in Delhi?

Virendra sehwag

Had any player received man of the match in test cricket or odi cricket just for fielding or just for captaincy?

not at all

Who is the Indian best player of cricket?

without any doubt it is sachin tendulkar.

Who is the youngest player ever to score a CENTURY in cricket at any level?


In Pakistani team any shia is present?

Yeah!! Hassan Raza (Spinner) is a Shia.. :)

Can a shia shaikh marry a shia girl?

Yes any Muslim clergy can marry.

Has any player scored six sixes is an over in test cricket?

yuaraj singh

How do you use ipl trophy in cricket attax?

You can increase any player by 10 points

What is the surname of the greatest Australian cricket player?

Bradman is the greatest Australian cricket player.