All-time scorers in the NBA

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Wilt Chamberlin

Micheal Jordan

Allen Iverson

....etc those are All-Time scorer in NBA history.

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Q: All-time scorers in the NBA
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How many scorers are there at an NBA game?

I believe there are ten (10) scorers

Who is the NBA's alltime leader in steals?


Who are the champions league top alltime scorers?

e main strikers are Raul, gert Muller, Ruud Van Nisstelrooy.

What college or university has the most players in the nba alltime?


Who are the top 10 highest scorers nba 08?

the Suns

Who is the best player in the nba alltime?

Julius Erving,Michael Jordan,or Wilt Chamberlain

Where can you find an NBA list of all-time leading scorers?

Just view the link below for more info.

Who are the top five leading scorers in the NBA in the 2010-2011 season?

Kevin durant, lebron James, Kobe Bryant, amare stoudemire, carmelo Anthony

Who is the alltime leading scorer for the lakers?

Kobe Bryant, and he'll be the alltime leading scorer in history when he's done.

Who are the top 10 season scorers in the nba by average?

Kobe Jordan lebron magic chamberlin t-mac wade durant bill Russell lil Wayne

Who are the NBA players leading scorers in the history of NBA?

Hey. Hope this helped. Got it straight from the NBA website.PlayerGFGFTPPGPTS1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar1,56015,8376,71224.638,3872. Karl Malone1,47613,5289,78725.036,9283. Michael Jordan1,07212,1927,32730.132,2924. Wilt Chamberlain1,04512,6816,05730.131,4195. Shaquille O'Neal1,16011,1345,85024.228,1196. Moses Malone1,3299,4358,53120.627,4097. Elvin Hayes1,30310,9765,35621.027,3138. Hakeem Olajuwon1,23810,7495,42321.826,9469. Oscar Robertson1,0409,5087,69425.726,71010. Dominique Wilkins1,0749,9636,03124.826,668

Who is villas alltime goalscorer?

john carew