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the Suns

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Q: Who are the top 10 highest scorers nba 08?
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Who will win NBA ROY in 2007-08?


Who won the NBA sixth man of the year award?

Manu Ginobolli in 2007-08.

How many NBA games have gone into triple over time?

Atleast one. 07-08 Suns

What team had the second longest winning streak in NBA history?

The 07-08 Houston Rockets with 22 consecutive wins.

How many MVP awards did Kobe Bryant win?

Kobe Bryant won the NBA Most Valuable Player Award one time (2007-08 season). He also won the NBA Finals MVP two times.

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Who were the top 5 leading scorers in the NBA in the 08-09 season?

1.Dwayne Wade(30.2PPG) 2.LeBron James (28.4PPG) 3.Kobe Bryant (26.8PPG) 4.Kevin Durant(25.3PPG) 5.Carmelo Anthony (23.6PPG)

Top ten NBA players in the NBA for the 07-08 season?

The top 10 for that season would include:LeBron JamesKobe BryantSteve NashTim DuncanKevin GarnettDwight HowardChris PaulDeron WilliamsDirk NowitzkiDwyane Wade

Is Kevin Garnett a Boston Celtic in the NBA Live 08 game?

NO. i have NBA Live 08 and he's a Celtic

How do you change NBA live 08 to Madden 08?

You can't!

Was Kevin Garnett ever the highest paid NBA player?

At one point in his career he was. In fact, 6 out of the last 12 year, Garnett had been the highest paid player in the NBA (08-09, 07-08, 06-07, 03-04, 02-03, 01-02 and 2000-01). This is just his league salary, not endorsements (Adidas, gatorade ..etc.) However Garnett is not the highest paid player for a single season. Michael jordan was signed to a $33,000,000 contract for the 1997-98 season. Garnetts highest single season salary was $28,000,000.

Who won 2008 MVP in the NBA?

Kobe Bryant won the MVP award in the 2007-08 NBA season

How do get NBA live 08 for PC?

buy it.

What actors and actresses appeared in NBA Live 08 - 2007?

The cast of NBA Live 08 - 2007 includes: Marv Albert as Commentator Steve Kerr as Commentator

How do you spin in NBA 08?

spin the anolog stick

How do you do a 360 in NBA Live 08 for PC?

you can do that by chance.

Is Luis scola in NBA live 08?


Can you create a player in NBA live 08?