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Q: Against which team did Fernando Torres score his first league goal for Liverpool against?
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Who scored for Liverpool against man u and man u against Liverpool?

The four footballers from Liverpool to score against Manchester united, are Steven Gerrard, Dossena, Fernando Torres

When was Fernando Torres's debut in Liverpool?

Torres made his competitive debut for Liverpool against Aston Villa in a 2-1 win on 11 August 2007

Will Torres be able to play for Chelsea in the champs leg against fc copenhagan?

No Fernando Torres is cup tied as he played for liverpool.

Who scored for Liverpool against Everton when they won 1-0 on the 30308?

Fernando Torres after 7 minutes.

Who was the last player to score a hatrick against Liverpool in the league?

Fernando Torres the last hatrick scorer in the league.

When did Fernando Torres join Liverpool?

Fernando Torres joined Liverpool in 2007.

Where does Fernando Torres Liv?

As Fernando Torres is playing in England for the Liverpool football club, he lives in Liverpool.

How many goals has Fernando Torres scored for Liverpool?

Fernando Torres scored 65 goals in his career at Liverpool.

Is Fernando Torres a gay?

Fernando Torres turned gay when he left Liverpool

What team is Fernando Torres on?

Fernando Torres is playing for Liverpool in the E.P.L. and also plays for Spain.

How can you send a message to Fernando Torres?

You can send your letter to Fernando Torres at the F.C. Liverpool. England.

Is Fernando Torres staying with Liverpool?

yes he his staying at Liverpool

Where do Fernando Torres live?

In Liverpool :)

Where the liv Fernando Torres?

He is in Liverpool.

How many seasons was Torres in Liverpool?

Fernando Torres Has Scored 65 And Has Been In Liverpool For Four Seasons

Is Fernando Torres coming to Chelsea fc?

Fernando Torres will leave Liverpool, but may go to Spain.

How many goals did Fernando Torres score for Liverpool Football Club?

In Fernando Torres's four years at Liverpool (2007-2011), Torres had 102 appearances for the club, in which he scored 65 goals.

What team did Torres score his 50th Liverpool goal against?


Has Fernando Torres' 2nd child been born yet?

Yeah, his son, Leo, was born on December 6th 2010 so he missed a Liverpool game against Aston Villa.

Is Fernando Torres a true Liverpool?

no, because he left liverpool for chealsea

Before Fernando Torres who was Liverpool fc record signing?

Djibril Cisse was Liverpool's record signing before Fernando Torres But Djibril Cisse was RUBBISH!! :P

Does Fernando Torres have a children?

The Spanish and Liverpool striker Fernando Torres does not have any children ashe is not yet married.

How did Fernando Torres start football for Liverpool?

Fernando Torres was transferred from the Spanish team Atletico Madrid in 2007.

What team does Fernando Torres play in?

Fernando Torres noe plays for Chelsea. He was sold by Liverpool for £50 million.

Who does Fernando Torres play for?

Liverpool and Spain