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The four footballers from Liverpool to score against Manchester united, are Steven Gerrard, Dossena, Fernando Torres

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Q: Who scored for Liverpool against man u and man u against Liverpool?
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Has Jermaine Pennant ever scored an own goal?

Yes. FOR Man U, as a Liverpool player

How many goals has thierry Henry scored against Man United?

He has scored 7 goals against man u, the best his one against them in the 99/00 season

Is Man U better than Liverpool?

Man U are so Terribe They lost to Liverpool at home! Liverpool are better Man U are so Terribe They lost to Liverpool at home! Liverpool are better Man U are so Terribe They lost to Liverpool at home! Liverpool are better

Who has scored a premiership hat trick this season?

Torres when Liverpool won 6-1 vs hull city and Rooney when man u won 4-1 against Portsmouth

How many games did Liverpool win against Man U in the last 100 matches.?


Who scored more goals in man u vs Liverpool Ryan giggs robbie fowler or Andrew cole?

robbie fowler

Who was won the most Liverpool or man you?

man u

Is Liverpool good?

Liverpool is rubbish go UNITED MAN U

Who is better Liverpool or man united?

man u are because have you seen the way Liverpool have been playing badly and man u are top of the prem and man u have won the Carling cup this season and Liverpool have not won any silverware so that means man u are the best :)

To find out when Manchester united played ac Milan in the 2005 champions league who scored the ac milan goal?

Hernan Crespo scored on Away and Home against Man U in the semis.Then he scored twice against Liverpool in the final but sadly Ac Milan lost in one of the greatest matches. Crespo was on loan from Chelsea now he is in Inter and his Rival Ronaldo has Replaced him in AC.

Are man you the best?

MAN U ROCK are the best team ever some people think Liverpool are but if they have seen the league man u are always coming on top! yeah Liverpool have sometimes beaten man u but never thrashed man u the highest they have ever beaten man u is 4-1 but man u have beaten Liverpool 6-0 before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a girl x

How many goals has macheda scored for man u?

Just the two so far. One against Aston Villa and one against Sunderland.

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