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For starting pitchers in MLB, that would be 4 games. Most MLB teams use a starting rotation of 5 pitchers. Each starting pitcher waits/rests arm while the other four take their turn. So, a starting pitcher in MLB would start every 1 in 5 games.

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Q: After pitcher been relieved how long is the wait to pitch again?
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Has there ever been in the MLB a pitcher who threw a 3 pitch inning?

Yes. Record held by many.

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Can a batter switch hit after a pitch has been made in MLB?

Yes, a batter can change from one side of the plate to the either during his at-bat, but he cannot do it once the pitcher is ready to pitch. Rule 6.06(b) states: A batter is out for illegal action when stepping from one batter's box to the other while the pitcher is in position ready to pitch.

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Can a player hide the baseball while pitcher pretends to pitch and tag runner out if he steps off the base?

No, this situation would result in a balk as the pitcher cannot 'pretend' to pitch in an attempt to deceive a baserunner. A fielder may hide the ball, like pretend to throw the ball back to the pitcher and then place the ball in his glove, in an attempt to get a runner to step off a base and tag him out ... this has been called the 'hidden ball trick'. But the pitcher may not step on the pitching rubber if the fielder is attempting this. The pitcher steps on the rubber when he is ready to pitch and he can't be ready to pitch if he is not in possession of the ball. If a baserunner waits until the pitcher is on the pitching rubber to take a lead off, he will never fall prey to the 'hidden ball trick'.

Can any position relief the pitcher in a baseball inning?

If the umpire is informed of a change, players can change the position they are playing at any time when time has been called. In theory, someone playing first base could be moved to be the pitcher. This can happen if a manager has run out of usable pitchers and must use someone who vaguely remembers how to pitch. And, if it is willed, that non-pitcher who gets to pitch can be a hero!

What are the fewest number of pitches before removed from game?

several times a starting pitcher has been removed after throwing only one pitch (usually due to injury).

What is the rule in major league baseball on how ofter a pitcher can pitch?

There are no rules in baseball on how often a pitcher can pitch. The safety and value of the pitcher's arm constitutes how often a pitcher can pitch. Back in the older days pitchers pitched 200 or even 300 pitches a game. This factor was a considerable safety risk. Now the manager and the pitching coach keep close eye on counts of how many pitches have been thrown. Around 100 pitches is when a pitcher usually gets pulled now. Managers are wise to how valuable their pitchers arms are and they try to do their best to let them play to at least the 6th or 7th inning before pulling them. Of course, if a pitcher is shutting out the other team, they'll let him stay in, IF he's okay. It's up to the manager whether or not a pitcher will play in consecutive games. There are no rules that state how many games a pitcher can appear in. There have even been times where a pitcher will start one game, and then in the next game they will be called in as a reliever.

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What is a passed ball?

Passed BallA pitch that should have been fielded by the catcher but was missed, allowing a runner to advance a base.Note: this is not the same thing as a wild pitch, which is scored as the pitchers fault.I presume you mean "passed ball." This is a ball that gets past the catcher when thrown by the pitcher, when the catcher should have caught it. It is distinct from a wild pitch, which is one where the pitcher, not the catcher, is considered to have been at fault. The distinction between the two have no effect on the final score. The decision on whether a ball is a wild pitch or a passed ball is made by the official scorer at the game.

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