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Yes , you can skate with a cracked deck as long as the board has enough strength to have the weight of the person on it without bending too much

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โˆ™ 2012-02-11 03:17:55
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Q: Can you skate with a cracked deck?
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What is skate deck?

a skate deck can mean either a skateboard with out any of its fetures or also a rink where you put on roller skates or roller blades and just skate ~awestling96~

Where do you get a Tech Deck skate ramp?

Amazon duh.

Can you Rollerblade in Everett skate deck?

Yes of course you can

Can you skate 7.5 trucks on a 7.75 deck?

Yeah you can but its better to skate a 7.5 or 7.65 deck on them. The main problem you will have with smaller trucks would be your turning circle and primos become very difficult.

Where are skate baords at?

Usually some towns have skate shops and you can buy boards there for about $60 for the deck only. Maybe $130 for a complete.

Where to buy skateboard deck materials?

Skate board shop or halfords

How much is a new Heath Kirchart autographed skate deck worth?


Where can you buy a teck deck skate park?

EVERYWHERE even wal- mart has them!

Where can you get darkstar skateboard deck in irvine?

you can get them at a skate shop that's were i got mine

What is the name of the rainbow colored GIRL deck on skate 1?

the rainbow girl

What stores carry a Tech Deck skate park?

You can purchase a Tech Deck Skate & Go Park at your local Toys 'R' Us store. You can also purchase one online through the Amazon web store and have it shipped directly to your house.

Where can one purchase a Tech Deck Skate and Go Park Playset?

There are many places where one could purchase Tech Deck Skate and Go Park Play sets. One could check online shops such as Amazon or eBay for purchasing this product.

What do you need for your deck to make it a complete skateboard?

get a deck first of course, then you get stable trucks, screws, and wheels, and for decoration, stickers, by skate companies, of course.

How much is a new Tony Hawk autographed skate deck worth?

it is woth about $150

How much does it cost to buy a Tech Deck skate shop bonus pack?


What is the app for the iPad called where you can skate with your fingers on a Tech Deck?

it is called (Touch Grind)

What is a volcano at a skate park?

A volcano is 2 quarter-pipes that have a top deck in between them.

Where can you find teck decks?

One can find a selection of Tech Deck's available at Argos. They have replica Tech Deck mini skateboards, skate-park sets and a Tech Deck starter kit. Amazon also sell Tech Deck toys.

What is techdech?

A Tech Deck is a miny skate board that you use with your fingers instead of your feet and legs.

What is better a 7.25 or a 8.25 skate deck?

if ur street then 7.25 if ur vert then 8.25

What is the most expensive skate boarding brand?

zoo york it is 62.00 dollars for just the deck

Where can you buy a Tech Deck Paul Rodriguez Skate Park?

You can go to Walmart, ToysRus or Target.

What technology is needed to make a skateboard?

you need a skate tool or you can take it to the local skate shop and borrow one off them you need nuts and bolts trucks bearings wheels and a deck

What skate deck is better baker or real?

I would say baker, but it all depends on your needs for a board.

How does a Tech Deck look?

A tech deck just looks like a mini skateboard. It has all four wheels and mini trucks and pins and grip tape and a skate brand on the bottom.