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Q: A drink developed by scientists to replace lost electrolytes is given to athletes during sporting events?
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What do athletes actually do?

Athletes participate in sporting events.

What are the effects on the athletes in sporting events?

leg pains and athletes foot

What are the names of the sporting players?


What happens when athletes take sporting drugs?

they could be banned from the competition as they are not allowed to take sporting drugs

What are some sporting examples for stereotyping?

Some sporting examples of stereotyping include assuming that all basketball players are tall and athletic, that all female athletes are not as skilled as male athletes, and that all swimmers are introverted and quiet. These stereotypes can limit opportunities for athletes and reinforce harmful biases.

What is evraa meet?

athletes from different schools and provinces meet in this regional sporting event.

Is this fact or opinion large salaries and overpaid athletes are spoiling the purity of sporting competitions?


What sporting event was set up for athletes of commonwealth countries?

The British Empire Games otherwise known as the Commonwealth Games.

Why do Athletes get money?

Professional athletic competitions are a form of entertainment. The public likes to see really good athletes competing with each other. Therefore, they buy tickets to sporting events, and athletes are paid with part of the money raised by those ticket sales.

What is doping correlation?

'Doping' is the word used in sport when athletes use prohibited substances or methods to unfairly improve their sporting performance.

Why athletes choose to use illegal methods to enhance their sporting performance?

A lot of athetes will do that kind of thing to prove themselves. Athletes mostly get performance enhancers so they can up their game. They do it to be the best but in a way that is not best for them.

What is the sporting event with various sports that people cheer for their country?

The Olympics is a sporting event with various sports where people cheer for their country. The original intention, however, was that epople would cheer for individual athletes, regardless of country.