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The British Empire Games otherwise known as the Commonwealth Games.

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Q: What sporting event was set up for athletes of commonwealth countries?
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Why is US not in the commonwealth games?

The Commonwealth Games is a sporting event that is open to athletes from countries that belong to the 'Commonwealth of Nations', an association of 53 countries. The United States does not belong to the Commonwealth of Nations.

What do the commonwealth games represent?

The commonwealth games are a sporting event open to countries of the British Commonwealth. The games nickname are The Friendly Games

Which sporting event is held every four years?

Commonwealth Games

What is a sporting event for athletes that includes 10 events called?


Which commonwealth countries event is held every leap year?

The Commonwealth Games.

What happens at the Olympics?

A sporting event in which many different countries put forward there best athletes who compete against each other in a variety of different events.

What is evraa meet?

athletes from different schools and provinces meet in this regional sporting event.

How many countries are participating in cycling event of Commonwealth Games?

37 countries

What is the sporting event with various sports that people cheer for their country?

The Olympics is a sporting event with various sports where people cheer for their country. The original intention, however, was that epople would cheer for individual athletes, regardless of country.

What sporting event is the most watched in the US?

the most watched sporting event would be the Super Bowl. But also the Super Bowl is the most watched sporting event in the world with it being broadcasted to over 60 different countries around the world.

What sporting event is the most watched event in the world?

the olympic games because lots of countries take part

When did the olimpcys?

The Olympic Games is an international sporting event for both summer and winter sports competitions. This features athletes from all over the world competing against different countries every four summers and winters.

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