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they could be banned from the competition as they are not allowed to take sporting drugs

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Q: What happens when athletes take sporting drugs?
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Why don't athletes take drugs?

A lot of athletes do take drugs to enhance their performance xx

What effect do drugs have on athletes?

athletes take drugs to boost their energy.but taking drugs even by an athlete in banned.

What types of drugs do athletes use?

Should athletes take steroids or drugs? Never in there life should they take it. It is bad for you.

What happens to athletes who take performance enhancement drugs?

Healthwise there is no blanket statement anyone can make about what happens to athletes who take performance enhancing drugs. Effects depend on how much, how often, and in what combination the drugs are taken. But when it comes to competitive sports the story differs. Laws have been passed forbidding athletes to use drugs for performance enhancement. And should an athlete be caught taking any they get disqualified from the meet.

What happens if athletes take drugs?

Athletes are tested for drugs, if caught you will be disqualified. If you won a medal then you were found out to be cheating then the medal would be taken off you. Prescription medicines can also contain banned substances so athletes have to be careful xx

What is the percentage of athletes that take drugs?


What drugs are athletes not allowed to take?


What happens to athletes take drugs before they run?

It will give them a boost before they run so they will go Fast.

What happens to athlets who take drugs?

athletes who take drugs will start getting tired and wont want to do any thing any more vkfjfjvorgjgitpzghyjrtophjjyrioyjsrterigop45opigoykioihopsgojhonhjWETJCBOHSJHOJGTojaophjnoStjophaerphjopsroj}nzhiaoiz[tiopgohjuji0hjirhjio1edwkkogksookbkofkodogfjkawrnmkinqkjbiaeiinhi nrijjg A`

Why athlete use drugs?

The athletes take drugs, to get sron and win gold nedals.

What happens legally if you take drugs?

If you take illegal drugs and are caught, you will be subject to trial for possession of a narcotic. If you take drugs that you were prescribed to take, nothing happens.

What drugs do most of the athletes who cheat take and why?

steriods but i cant remember y

Why do professional athletes take steroids?

They are performance enhancing drugs. That says enough.

What happens to your brain when you take drugs?

Depends what kind of drugs.

What peformance enhancing drugs will be taken in the future?

people are thinking about letting athletes take peformance enhancing drugs to make sport fair because of all the people that take thempeople are thinking about letting athletes take peformance enhancing drugs to make sport fair because of all the people that take them

Why athletes would take performance enhancing drugs?

To enhance performance;To get advantageous results;

What happens to people who take drugs?

they die

What do athletes do to cheat?


Why should athletes take random drug testing?

Athletes should take random drug testing because if they use drugs, while playing a sport, it might be an advantage to that person.

What drugs do most of the athletes take and why?

most athletes take steroids because steroids improve muscle building, repair your injuries and it helps you play better but it can mess up your body so don't take it

Why do athletes take drugs?

They use drugs to become faster or better. Also because the want to win is to great.Athlets do steroids so the paparattsi follow them

How many athletes take drugs?

Alot but here some that did use drugs Michael Ray Richardson Allen Iverson Michael Vick and more

What happens to you if you take drugs?

Lots of things.. you trip out lol

Why do athletes take drugs or banned substances?

So that it can help the athlete become better in the sport that they like to achieve on.

How does drugs affect sporting performance?

Some athletes take a form of steroids - known as anabolic-androgen steroids or just anabolic steroids - to increase their muscle mass and strength. Epoetin, a synthetic form of erythropoietin, is commonly used by endurance athletes. It increases production of red blood cells and hemoglobin, resulting in improved movement of oxygen to the muscles.