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It would take the ball .26 sec. to get from the pitcher to the batter.

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Q: A baseball pitcher throws a fastball at 42 meters per second If the batter is 18 meters from the pitcher approximately how much time does it take for the ball to reach the batter?
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What does the pitcher do in baseball?

The pitcher is the one who throws the baseball to the batter.

What are the three best pitches a pitcher needs to be successful?

In my view and other people may differ, a starting pitcher needs a good fastball, good curve and a slider. A pitcher sent in to pitch a closer, say one batter, a fast ball is best, realizing that facing a good fastball hitter better see some smoke on the fastball!! I realize I am sticking my head out on this one.

When a left handed pitcher throws to a right handed batter who has the advantage and why?

The batter has the advantage when he is opposite handed of the pitcher. Curve balls and sliders will come into the batter instead of going away. It's also easier to see a fastball coming into to you from the opposite hand.

How do you throw a tailing fast ball?

a tailing fastball is also called a two-seam fastball. and you grip it parallel to the seams on the thinnest part of the seams. if you throw it hard enough, it will tail. if you are a right handed pitcher, it will tail in to a right handed batter.

Why are baseball helment invented?

So that when a 94 MPH fastball comes up and in on a batter, he is not killed or severely injured by it. It is completely for safety.

Who is credited with inventing the split finger fastball and in what year?

A split-finger fastball or splitter is a pitch in baseball and a variant of the straight fastball. It is named after the technique of putting the index and middle finger on different sides of the ball, or "splitting" them. When thrown hard, it appears to be a fastball to the batter, but suddenly "drops off the table" towards home plate

What is the best part about baseball?

The battle between the batter and the pitcher.

Which the player in a baseball game who throws the ball at the batter?


In major league baseball if a batter has a 1-1 count and the pitcher is removed which pitcher is responsible for the batter if he gets on base?

The pitcher who pitched the 1-1 count is responsible for the batter if he gets on base.

What is the name of the person that throws the ball in baseball?

The pitcher throws the ball to the batter in baseball

Who does most work on a baseball diamond?

The Pitcher does the most work on a baseball diamond because the pitcher works on every play to try to strikeout the batter. The other players just try to get the batter/runner out when the batter hits the ball.

Can a pitcher be thrown out of the game if he hit the batter in the head with the baseball?


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