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No-Because he was offside when his or her team mate struck the ball and became "in play" as soon as he or she touched it

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Q: A ball is kicked to the goal and the keeper deflects the ball and an opponent who was offside before the ball was kicked gets the ball and score is this a goal?
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Is it offsides in soccer when the a goalie steps up and a defender takes its place in the goal?

Offside status is measured by the second last opponent (and a few other things). The goal keeper is an opponent. In your description, the goal keeper becomes the second last opponent. This occurred recently in the FIFA World Cup 2010 opening match of South Africa vs. Mexico. The SA goal keeper stepped up to punch at the ball, causing the Mexican attacker to be in an offside position.

Can player be offside standing in the opponents net when a fellow player scores?

It is possible they are not. If the player that is in the offside position does not interfere with play (read: touch the ball), interfere with an opponent (make a move that causes an opponent to react), or gain an advantage (interfere with the vision or movement of the goal keeper, collect a rebound, etc) then there would be no offside infraction.

If a player is standing in the offside position but not receiving ball from the other player who is carrying the ball will be declared offside by the referee in the football?

To be offside, you do not have to touch it. If you interfere with an opponent (e.g. possibly lunge at him) or gain an advantage by being there (e.g. recover a deflection off the keeper or goalpost) are also enough.

Offside if the goalkeeper throws the ball out to you?

For an offside infraction to occur a player must be in an offside position at the moment it is touched by a team-mate. If the goal keeper is from the other team then the player is not guilty of an offside infraction.

Can you be offside from a drop kick?

Yes. It is possible to be guilty of an offside infraction when your goal keeper performs a punt or drop kick.

South Africa vs Mexico why goal was disallowed?

A player is in an offside position if they are closer to the opponent's goal line than both the ball and the second lastopponent. The SA goal keeper was the second last defender and Vela was behind him at the moment of the header by his team-mate. This is an offside offense.Players often forget that (ignoring the ball) you must have two defenders in front of you to be onside. They get accustomed to the fact that the goal keeper is always the last one. Not in this case.

Is a player offside if he passes from behind the goalie?

The player passing the ball is not the one who might be called offside. If anything, the player receiving the pass might be called offside. However, the strict conditions of Law 11 must be met. So the short answer is no, a player cannot be called offside for passing the ball from behind the goalkeeper. Law 11 says (paraphrased): A player will be called offside if, at the time the ball was last played by a teammate, he was nearer the opponent's goal line than the ball, the second-last opponent, and the halfway line, and subsequently becomes involved in play by playing the ball, interfering with an opponent, of gaining an advantage from being in that position, except directly following a goal kick, corner kick, or throw-in by either team. Note that the term "goalkeeper" (or similar) is not used in the description of offside. The 'keeper is usually, but not always, the last defender. Sometimes he is the second-last defender, and occasionally he is nowhere near the goal and is not considered part of the offside determination. Additionally, the law states that the the player can be called offside upon receiving the ball, not passing it. Therefore, if a person passing the ball DID get called offside, the infraction will have happened before the pass was made, when the player first interfered with play.

When a ball is heading for goal and a player is at offside position but does not touches it will it be regarded as a goal?

It would be counted, unless the player in the offside position either obstructed the view of the goal keeper or their presence prevented the goal keeper from playing the ball somehow.

Is a player penalized for being offsides if they are blocking the view of the goalie?

Interfering with the vision of the goal keeper while in an offside position makes a player guilty of an offside offense.

For the purposes of offside is the soccer goalkeeper included?

Yes, the goal keeper can be one of the two defenders used in the calculation.

Can an opponent run into the goalkeeper?

An opponent can not run into the goalkeeper if the goalkeeper has possession of the ball. Nor can an opponent run into a keeper if the ball is not within playing distance of the two players. Under no circumstances can a player run into the keeper intentionally, but might only do so in the course of fairly playing the ball. If a keeper has the ball after a catch, and a player runs into or tackles him, it is automatic red card.

Would a corner kick be taken if the goalkeeper deflects a penalty kick over the crossbar?

yes, since the goal keeper is the defender, and he/she touched it last, it is a corner.

In soccer can the goalie push an opponent while the opponent is in the goalie box?

A goal keeper may not push another player anywhere on the field.

When soccer ball is in possession of goal keeper can the opponent keep kicking the ball?

no because the keeper if has two hands on the ball you can not kick it but if the keeper has one hand on the ball you may kick it out of the keepers hands.

How does offsides work in a soccer match?

You are in an "off-side position" if you are: 1. On on the opposing team's half of the field and... 2. Neither one of these things is between you and the opposing team's goal: (1) two opposing players (one is normally the goalkeeper) or (2) the ball.However.....being in an off-side position does not make you off-side (and therefore the referee will not call an off-side penalty on you) until you are involved in an active play. A very good explanation of the concepts of off-side position and off-side can be found here: That site also includes a good explanation of the exceptions to the off-side rule and since I cannot come up with better wording, here is a direct quote from the site: "Special Cases Where Offside Is Not Called: A player is not offside if he receives the ball directly from a goal kick, throw-in or corner kick, even if he is in an offside position; however, once touched, the offside rule starts and if it is then played to a player in an "offside position", offside may be called. (Note that the offside rule does apply on "free kicks"). A player is also not offside if he passes the ball backward, even if doing so leaves him in an "offside position". However, if he is in an offside position & the ball is played back to him (e.g., a wall pass), then he can be called offside." == == == == Previous answers.....There must be a defender between the attacking player and the goal keeper when the attacking player recieves the ball, otherwise he/she is offside There must be a defender between the attacking player and the goal keeper when the attacking player recieves the ball, otherwise he/she is offside no there must be two players (one of whom is normally the goalkeeper) between the attacker and the goal line WHEN THE BALL IS PLAYED, and if the attacker is in the opponent's half of the field

What are some similarities between hockey and soccer?

The most common one is the similarities between an "icing" (hockey) infraction and "offside" (soccer) infraction. Both rules were implemented to prevent one team from parking an attacker right next to the opponent's goal. This player would then wait for a long pass from deep in his own defensive half and then have a one-on-one against the goal keeper. Icing and offside rules prevent this behavior by forcing an attacking team to work the ball/puck up the field/ice using more subtle tactics.

Who was united keeper before schmeichel?

uniteds keeper was les sealey before peter schmeichel

What are the difference between attacker and stricker in football game?

the attaker location is not in the goal keeper zone ,but the striker always in the front and he tries to not be offside that why the striker scores a lot of goals more than the attaker.

Can a keeper pick up the ball if its thrown in?

If the ball was thrown-in by a teammate, no. If the ball was thrown-in by an opponent, yes.

What was El Gato's name before he saw the keeper in Keeper by Mal Peet?

la ciguena ... the stork

Why have the rules of soccer changed today?

One of the main changes, the offside rule, was introduced to prevent strikers from 'goal hanging'. Before the rule was introduced, players could basically stand by the oppositions goal and wait for a long pass, making it easier to score. The offside rule states that a player cannot participate in play if he is behind the second last opposition defender (which may include the opposition goal keeper) and ahead of the ball at the moment the ball is passed. If he does, an indirect free kick is awarded to the opposition team. This rule means that if the defenders are, for example, by the half way line, an opposing striker can't goal hang because, when he receives a pass, he will be in an offside position.

How long can the keeper hold the ball?

The goal keeper has 6 seconds to release the ball. The referee will most likely give verbal warnings before penalizing the goal keeper.

What do you need to study to be a zoo keeper?

yes, there are some thing you need to know about animals before you become a zoo keeper

Which keeper has won the world best player before?


Who was the Glasgow rangers keeper before chris woods?

Nicky Walker