ACC tournament cost how much?

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Acc mean account accounts

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Q: ACC tournament cost how much?
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Who won the acc tournament in 2012?

A team won the acc tournament

How many Clemson ACC mens' basketball tournament championships?

Clemson has one ACC tournament title.

When will Maryland or Virginia host a ACC tournament game?

The 2005 ACC tournament will be held just outside of Washington DC

Who has the most Acc tournament wins?

Duke 19

What conference has the most wins in the ncaa tournament?


What conference has sent the most teams to NCAA Tournament?


How many acc men's basketball championships have the Duke Blue Devil's won?

Duke has 23 ACC Tournament Championships and 22 regular season titles.Duke has 23 ACC Tournament Championships and 22 regular season titles.

Who won the acc basketball tournament in the 2009-10 season?


Who has more acc tournament championships duke or Carolina?

duke has the most 18

Which conference has the best NCAA tournament record in the past 20 years?


Why are all or most ACC tournament games played in the Carolina's?

Because it has been for the most part the central location for all ACC teams The official rationale given by the ACC is that playing the ACC Tournament in Charlotte or Greensboro guarantees that it will be the biggest event going on in the city that weekend. There are fewer other things going on in those cities with which the tournament would compete for attention. Washington and Atlanta (the two other places where the ACC has held tournaments in the past) are much bigger cities with many other things going on, especially Washington. With all of that said, the league is holding the tournament outside the Carolinas more often--2005 in Washington, 2007 in Tampa, and 2009 in Atlanta.

Is the Miami hurricanes basketball team going to the 2012 ncaa tournament?

The Hurricanes can reach the 2012 tournament by winning the ACC Tournament. In order to do so, they would need to beat Georgia Tech, FSU, Duke/Clemson/or Virginia Tech, and UNC/UVA/Maryland/Wake Forest/NC State/or Boston College. If they do not win the ACC Tournament, they might be able to make it into the tournament as an at-large selection if they win 3 games in the ACC Tournament. They may still be able to make it with 1 or 2 wins but it is not nearly as likely with 3 or 4 wins (win tournament).

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