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Clemson has one ACC tournament title.

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Q: How many Clemson ACC mens' basketball tournament championships?
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How many championships does Clemson mens basketball have?

Clemson University has never won the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship.

How many NCAA Men's Basketball Championships has Clemson won?

Clemson has never won a NCAA Championship game.

How many national championships for UNC-CH basketball?

They have 6 championships. They have 5 NCAA tournament championships and 1 Pre-tournament championship.

How many ncaa basketball tournament championships has bobby knight won?


How many regular season ACC championships has the Clemson men's basketball team won?

One in 1990.

How many big ten championships does Wisconsin have in basketball?

The Wisconsin Badgers Men's Basketball team has a total of 19 Big Ten Championships. (17 Regular Season Championships, two Conference Tournament Championships)

How many NCAAM championships have there been in basketball?

First NCAA tournament was held in 1939. The tournament has been held every year since. As of 2013 there have been 74 championships.

How many SEC Basketball Titles does the University of Kentucky have?

Go to and search under men's basketball. It shows 43 SEC Championships and 25 SEC Tournament Championships.

How many acc men's basketball championships have the Duke Blue Devil's won?

Duke has 23 ACC Tournament Championships and 22 regular season titles.Duke has 23 ACC Tournament Championships and 22 regular season titles.

How many national championships has Clemson won?

one... 1981

How many men's national basketball championships has Northwestern won?

Northwestern has never made the tournament, let alone win it

How many National Championships have the Clemson Tigers won in football?

they have won one nat. championships

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