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Q: 1 What year did Liverpool win the European cup for the Third time?
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What year did Liverpool win their third champions league trophy?

Liverpool have won the European Cup 5 times. They have won the trophy once under it's current Branding of "Champions League". They won the European Cup for the third time in 1981 beating Real Madrid 1-0 in the final.

What year did Liverpool win the European Cup?

Answer: Liverpool won the European Cup in 1977, 1978, 1981, 1984, and 2005.

Is Liverpool cool?

At this time of year the weather in Liverpool is quite cold.

What year did Liverpool win their fourth champions league trophy?

Liverpool won their fourth European Cup in 1984. Liverpool have won the European Cup 5 times (the 5th in its present format as Champions League).

When have Liverpool won the European cup?

Liverpool won the champion league on five times , the last being in 2004 , it was Rafael Benitzs first year.

Was Liverpool's European ban ended early?

after the final UEFA banned English clubs from Europe for an indefinite period, with a proviso added that Liverpool would serve a further three year ban after the ban on other English clubs had been lifted. Liverpool returned to European competition in 1991 competing in the 1991-92 UEFA Cup, a year after other English clubs had been accepted back.

What year did Liverpool play?

I think you need to be more specific. What year did Liverpool play what/who?

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Year of Long haired lover from Liverpool?

Long Haired Lover From Liverpool (:

Where are Liverpool in the premir lauge?

Last year Liverpool finished 7th in the e.P.L.

What year was Liverpool formed?

Liverpool fc was formed on the 15th of march 1892

Are Liverpool doing good in the champions league?

No this year Liverpool are knocked out early.

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