1950 baseball players salary

Updated: 12/13/2022
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in 1950, George Kell was the highest paid infilder. He made over 50,000 a year.

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Q: 1950 baseball players salary
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Salary of a 1950 doctor?

A doctor's salary in 1950 varied as much then as it does today. The salaried physician was at the bottom while the surgical specialties were at the top. The average salary of physicians was $11,058 per year.

What 1950's St. Louis Cardinal baseball players had two word nicknames and what are they?

Vinegar Bend Mizell Stan the Man

What was the average salary in 1950?

The average salary in 1950 was around 2,992 dollars per year. The minimum wage was around 75 cents an hour.

What year were no players elected to baseball hall of fame?

The last year that happened was 1960. Prior to that, there were no electees in 1958, 1950, 1943, 1941, and 1940.

What was the average salary of an NFL football player in the 1950?

The simple answer is back in the 50's they did not play for money! That's right! The game seems to only be about money now but not then. Some players were only paid $1.00 a MONTH! It's incredible!! Talk about For the love of the game"!

What was the average salary of a mechanical engineer in 1950 Connecticut?


In 1950 what was the annual salary of doctors?

According to, it ranged from $8,272 for a doctor on salary to $28,628 for a neurological surgeon. The average salary of a physician was $11,058.

Average salary in 1950?

69$ a week America F YEAH!

When did Chicagoland Mystery Players end?

Chicagoland Mystery Players ended on 1950-07-23.

How much did Joe DiMaggio make in 1951?

Joe's 1951 salary was reported at $100.000 ... that is the same salary he made in 1949 and 1950.

What were the average salaries of baseball players in the 1800's?

The average salary of a major league player was $5000, a considerable sum but not equal to today's millionaires. The highest salaries were around $20,000, which made the $80,000 paid to Babe Ruth in 1931 an extraordinary expenditure.