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Click on the '1933 NFL Championship Game' link below to read about the game.

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Q: 1933 Chicago Bears beat ny giants how much money did each player on the winning team receive?
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How much money did each Giants player receive for winning the Super Bowl?

The Giants players got 75,000$ each for winning the Super Bowl.

How much money does each player from the Giants earn for winning the 2010 World Series?

Each member of the 2010 world champions is expected to receive at least $350,000.

What player had the pennant winning hit for the Giants in the 2002 NLCS?

Kenny lofton

How much did the Anaheim angels get for winning the 2002 World Series?

The Angels share for winning the 2002 World Series was $272,147 per player, and the Giants share was $186,186 per player.

How much money will each NY Giants player get for winning the Super Bowl 46?


What does each NBA player receive for winning the NBA championship?

a championship ring

How much will Super Bowl players get for winning the 2013 Super Bowl?

how much will a player receive for winning the 2013 super bowl

What Chicago Bears player went by the nickname Pinky?

Dennis Gentry, who was on the Super Bowl winning team.

Who is roy joiner?

a MLB player back in the 30s and 40s for the Chicago cubs and the san fransico giants

How much money do the players on the winning and losing Super Bowl teams earn?

For winning Super Bowl XLI in 2007, the Indianapolis Colts won $73,000 per player. The Chicago Bears won $38,000 per player.

Who scored the winning touch down for the Chicago Bears in the 1985 super bowl?

It was "Refrigerator" Perry, a player out of Clemson.

Who was the first player to say I am going to Disney World after winning the Super Bowl?

New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms in 1987.

How much did the giants make for winning the world series in 2012?

$377,022.64 per player Bet you thought the .64 was a joke, didn't you?

How much money will each San Frisco Giants player earn after winning the world series?

each full share for a player manager coaches trainer and equipment man received 321.456.00

Did mark McGuire win a World Series?

He won 1 World Series as a player with the Oakland Athletics in 1989 winning over the San Francisco Giants.

What football player went back to hisFloridaalma mater to receive hisbachelordegree in 1996 after winning the super bowl championship?

Emmit Smith

Which player had the pennant winning hit for the San Francisco Giants in the 2002 NLCS?

Kenny Lofton. Lofton's single off Steve Kline of the Cardinals scored David Bell with the winning run in the bottom of the 9th inning to give the Giants a 2-1 victory in Game 5 and a 4 games to 1 victory in the NLCS.

How much money do individual players get as a bonus for winning the World Series?

The full share for a player on the San Francisco Giants that won the 2010 World Series was $317,631.

How much money did the Packers receive for winning the 1st super bowl?

The winners share in Super Bowl I was $15,000 USD per player

Who is the first player to pitch four no-hit games in the major league?

Sandy Koufax of the Los Angeles Dodgers: 1) No hit the New York Mets on June 30, 1962 winning 5-0. 2) No hit the San Francisco Giants on May 11, 1963 winning 8-0. 3) No hit the Philadelphia Phillies on June 4, 1964 winning 3-0. 4) Threw a perfect game against the Chicago Cubs on September 9, 1965 winning 1-0.

How is a tennis player's pay determined?

A tennis player pay is determined by the amount of money sponsors are giving them and the amount of money they receive from winning a tournament. There are extra things to like commercial, guest appearances.

How much does the winning team of the Super Bowl receive?

Besides winning the famous Vince Lombardi Trophy, the winning team of the Super Bowl gets a serious cash bonus. Under the NFL's current agreement with the players, each player will get $88,000 for winning the Super Bowl. This agreement will expire in 2012.Keep in mind that this is the minimum bonus guaranteed by the NFL Players Association. Other star players and MVPs might have millions more written into their contracts.Other information about Super Bowl bonuses:Winners of the 2010 Super Bowl (XLIV) received $83,000 and losers took home $42,000. The amount has grown every year. In the first Super Bowl, the winners took home $15,000 and losers got $7,500.For Super Bowl XLI, each Indianapolis Colts' player received $73,000 for winning the Super Bowl and each Chicago Bears' player received $38,000.For Super Bowl XLII, the Giants share was $78,000 per player for winning the game and the Patriots share was $40,000 per player for losing.According to NBC Sports Feb 5, 2005 Report: The winning team gets $68,000 and a ring and losing team gets $36,500.

Do players receive any royalities from sports related?

It varies from just a winning team to Player of the Year. Think about Michael Jordan... Did he get famous from sports? ;D

What are player salaries at TP Mazembe football club?

The players' salaries are rumored to be as high as $3,000 a week. They sometimes also receive bonuses after winning big games.

How much money did a player receive for winning the 1945 World Series?

According to, the share for the members of the Detroit Tigers, winners of the 1945 World Series, was $6,443.