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The Giants players got 75,000$ each for winning the Super Bowl.

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each full share for a player manager coaches trainer and equipment man received 321.456.00

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Full winning shares for 2010 World Series were $317,631.29.

Losing shares paid $246,279.55.

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Q: How much money will each NY Giants player get for winning the Super Bowl 46?
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How much money can a super bowl player earn if he is on the winning team?


How much money did a player on the winning super bowl team make in super bowl 1?


How much money will a super bowl player earn on winning team?

15000 monwey

How much money did the Packers receive for winning the 1st super bowl?

The winners share in Super Bowl I was $15,000 USD per player

How much money a football player earns after winning the Super Bowl?

so it depends on their club,if the club has money they can earn them plenty of moneys.

How much money does the team winning the Super Bowl get?

Super Bowl Bonus for Winning TeamBesides winning the famous Vince Lombardi Trophy, the winning team of the Super Bowl gets a serious cash bonus. Under the NFL's current agreement with the players, each player will get $88,000 for winning Super Bowl XLV. This agreement will expire in 2012. Other information about Super Bowl bonuses:For Super Bowl XLI, each Indianapolis Colts' player received $73,000 for winning the Super Bowl and each Chicago Bears' player received $38,000.For the first 11 Super Bowls, winners received a cash bonus of $15,000 and has risen over the states that each player upon winning a Super bowl gets a $73,000 bonus (losers get a $38,000 bonus) and a ringFor Super Bowl XLII, the Giants share was $78,000 per player for winning the game and the Patriots share was $40,000 per player for losing. This amount was up slightly from Super Bowl XLI where the Colts share was $73,000 and the Bears share was $38,000.For 2006 NFL players got paid $15,000 extra and a super bowl ring with a value of $20,000but this has changed.According to NBC Sport Feb 5 2005 Report: winning team gets $68,000 and a ring and losing team gets $36,500

How much money does each player from the Giants earn for winning the 2010 World Series?

Each member of the 2010 world champions is expected to receive at least $350,000.

How much money do Super Bowl teams get paid for going to the Super Bowl?

Well, I don't know how much the teams get paid for winning the super bowl but I do know that the players on the winning team gets paid tons of money. In the 2010 Super Bowl the New Orleans Saints players each won $83,000 for winning the Super Bowl while the losing Indianapolis Colts players each won $42,000. The amount of money earned by each player has gone up every year since the Super Bowl started.

1933 Chicago Bears beat ny giants how much money did each player on the winning team receive?

$210.34.Click on the '1933 NFL Championship Game' link below to read about the game.

How much money did a player earn on the winning Super Bowl team in 1970?

The 1970 Super Bowl was played January 11, 1970 between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Minnesota Vikings with the Chiefs winning 23-7. The winner's share was $15,000 and the loser's share was $7,500.HE IS RIGHT

What will the New Orleans players receive for winning the 2010 Super Bowl?

money and a superbowl ring

How much money does an NHL player get for winning the Presidents Trophy?