Which age can boy lead salah?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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The age of 10

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Q: Which age can boy lead salah?
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Which boy is the smartest boy?

ahmed mohamed salah from egypt

When did Salah Jaheen die?

Salah Jaheen died on April 21, 1986 at the age of 55.

Is the feast praying compulsory?

Updated AnswerNo, the praying (or Salah or Namaz) of feast (or id) is not compulsory (is not fard or farz).The feast praying (or Namaz of Id or Salat of Id) is an assured Sunnah (if you practice it you got rewarded by God but if you don't practice it you are not penalized).Answeryes namaz (salah in Arabic) is farz upon every believer, and not only Eid salah, all salahs are fard upon every believer from the age of 7, and if the boy or girl doesnot pray until the age of 12 then u have to be a bit strict to tell them to pray salah. because the first question in the grave will be asked about salah, and salah is the way to success, salah gives you peace of heart, salah is very important brother, never miss salah, ant not only eid salah, not only jumma salah, all salah are important. any more questions, add me on facebook

How old was Salah Jaheen at death?

Salah Jaheen died on April 21, 1986 at the age of 55.

Who does salah become compulsory?

every Muslim male and female who are sane, after the age of puberty.

What is khushoo in salah?

Khoshoo in Salah is to concentrate in your Salah and feel every thing you say in your salah

What is the secret salah between the two salahs?

It is salah al Asr at Friday because it is between friday salah "non secret salah " and between Maghreb salah " .

What is In Salah's population?

The population of In Salah is 43,680.

Why do Muslim do salah?

e make salah

What is the birth name of Salah Nazmi?

Salah Nazmi's birth name is Salah Eddine Ahmed Nazmi.

What is the area of In Salah?

The area of In Salah is 43,938 square kilometers.

When did Salah Gaham die?

Salah Gaham died in 2005.