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Q: What is the Definition of a Private organisation?
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Which is the private organisation which provide first time internet in India?

Satyam Infotech is the first private organisation which provide internet in India

What is a private organisations?

a private organisation is someone who goes into to bisness by themselves

What is the definition of w H o?

WHO is World Health Organisation. It is an organisation in the UN for health.

Are unions private companies?

No, unions are not private companies, but they are a type of economic organisation.

What is the definition of voluntary care?

Nonprofit organisation

What is the definition of a conglomarate?

an organisation and group or a cult

Why is net private investment of great interest to government and economists?

definition of net private investment definition of net private investment definition of net private investment

Why is the proprietor crucial in the private organisation?

What i should write

Is asda a private sector organisation?

Sidney is gay

What is public and private?

Public Ip is the IP which is visible in WAN meams which goes out as a representative of our computer but private ips are the ips which we use within a company or organisation. They can be used in any company but public ips are unique. In short Public Ip is for outside organisation and private ip is for inside organisation.

Is bcci a government owned or private organisation?

No, its a private club which is having its registration in tamil nadu

What is the definition of senior executives?

Managerial staff at the top of an organisation.