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I'd say a 6 or 7.

Not too heavy but not too light that it will break during your stroke.

If you want to be totally sure the bat is right for you, stand up straight with your arms hanging down and if the bat reaches your wrist it is the right size also, If you can hold the bat horizontally above the ground with your weak arm and you dont shake it means that its the right one for you!

Good luck

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well it depends how tall they are make sure its not a heavy bat or it will be hard to hold the bat up for the backswing and difficult to lead the bat with the left hand like your supposed to. Im 5 foot 4 (dont worry im not a midget im a 14 year old girl) and my bat is size 6 realy you just have to shop around with the child to find a bat they find easy to hold and not to small or to tall

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that year old person needs i think about a size 4 bat

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Q: What cricket bat is recommended for a 12 year old?
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i would say size 6 or 7

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