Reasons why a 12-year-old shouldn’t bench press?

Updated: 9/27/2023

So I really just want to hear the answers to this question because I recently asked how much should a prepubescent child benchpress they were quite a few answers however the answer that appeared the most was vastly incorrect i’ve been educating myself on the human body for several years now and I’m aware of something when it comes to children 12-year-olds typically shouldn’t weigh more than 120 pounds and that’s pushing it really should be around 70 to 95 lbs but more importantly their bones are made of cartilage in and their muscle fibers are under developed I repeat their bones are made of cartilage and not collagen A 12 year old chicks stick to calisthenics Bench pressing in particular is a dangerous exercise even for older people and requires two people to do it it’s impressive but it’s actually long-term not beneficial can cause damage to your arms possibly your knees and shoulder blades especially if you choose to lift weights that are heavier than 80% of your body truth be told if you’re 12 years old you shouldn’t be bench pressing at all but if you choose to it should only be 50% of your bodyweight I don’t care how much you could push yourself it will eventually catch up to you and it will hurt your elbows will be shot you would’ve destroyed the cartilage in between your joints I repeat do not let young children(6-13) do bench presses Older children between the ages of 14-17 On the other hand are OK for moderate amounts of strength training but not competitive levels of strength training or advanced levels of strength training another thing you should not do or plyometric exercise Especially if you’re a child these exercises will destroy tendons and they’re not good for long-term health on a sidenote let’s talk about proper form you have something called one rep max the maximum weight you can lift in a single shot really your one rep max you should be able to do three of it Energy typically be 80% of your weight there’s no need to go up to 100% or anything higher personally speaking if you’re lifting something that is your own weight consistently maybe you should have different life choices because that doesn’t exactly seem healthy not even US soldiers lift 100% their own weight in combat is closer to 33%-50% give or take depending on the ballistic plating they’re carrying which has a big impact on movement overall I think I’ve made my point clear young children should not benchpress ever i’d like to hear your opinion on the topic? As a parent or as a 12 year old who does this sort of thing

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Now the grammar on this was terrible and some cases but let me give an answer here or at least a rebottle to my argument as someone in bench presses I can bench a maximum 71% of my overal weight 1-3 and my standard bench is 63% of my weight 10-12 reps when going through the topic of bench pressing Reality is that you should measure your press in percentage of weight people between the ages of 15 to 40 should be benching at minimum 50% of their weight if it is a fitness goal you’re trying to achieve it should be 85 to 95% however if you’re older like 41-65 you should bench 35% of your body weight and you shoudn’t increase it from 35% because you’ll be experiencing muscle atrophy or you’ll lose muscle mass and definitely I want to lower the overall pressure of your press especially in old age 65+ 20% of your body weight is how much you should benchpress bench press so currently you were 200 pounds age 15-40 you should be able to do 100 of your 200 pounds and 41-65 you should be able to do 70lbs and if you 200lb and 65+ you should be able to bench 40lbs or just the bar

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Q: Reasons why a 12-year-old shouldn’t bench press?
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