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well, the first question would be what kind of 5.8 40 is it?

If coaches use a stop watch, forget it. They are never even close. For instance a laser timed 40 is usually .2 to .3 slower than a hand held. (and if the hand held is not impartial, maybe more)

track shoes are good for another .2 versus football cleats.

Knowing how to run a 40 is good for anywhere from .3 to .5

Nobody cares what the 40 is for a freshman. It's what the 40 is for a Junior or Senior that ultimately matters. my son is a defensive end and was laser timed at about that time as a freshman and he was a starter at a big school. he was a 4.8 by the time he graduated according to Nike.

Spend the money on a good speed coach that teaches FORM and EXPLOSIVENESS. Usually it's the start that kills the 40 for big men.

and don't EVER EVER believe the times other kids say that have in the 40. My son outran kids in footraces when he said he was a 5.3 and they said they were 4.7's all the time.

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Q: Is a 5 point 8 for the 40 yard dash for a High School Freshman Defensive End Good Bad or Terrible?
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