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well im not sure but im a reff and im onley 12 so i think if your older than me you'll be fine! ;)

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Q: How old do you have to be to reff a house league hockey game?
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Jennifer Reff's birth name is Jennifer Lynn Reff.

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get off your knees reff, your blowing the game....

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Jennifer Reff is 5' 7".

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Can a fan wear a referee shirt to a sporting event?

im pretty sure they can as long as they dont reff the game

When was Jennifer Reff born?

Jennifer Reff was born on November 3, 1983, in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

What Instrument like a whistle do they use to start a game of basketball?

The reff throws the ball into the middle of two players

Which are the best part time job, for students who can't pay for their educational expenses?

Probably if you know how to play a sport you could reff a game because you just have to be in 7th grade to reff most little kids games and you get around 30$ to 50$ dollars per hour.

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Vera Reff has written: 'Om jeg ikke husker feil' -- subject(s): Biography

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not to play but to be a reff yes

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you can't cheat!! unless you have a terrible reff.....

Where can a fifteen year old work in Arizona?

There is a much bigger range of work that opens up as soon as you turn 16. Try reffing soccer for the Pima Junior Soccer League- they pay about $15 per game that you reff, and those take about an hour. It's good pay, good exercise, and YOU get to choose how many games you reff and when you work. The downside to this is that you have to pay $50 some dollars for certification and the outfit, but after that the money comes ROLLING in. I was making almost $100 a weekend when I was 14, but in a two hours you can make $30+ and three hours gets you $45.+