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  1. 14 young people aged 14-15 can volunteer with sports clubs
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Q: How many young people aged 14-25 can volunteer with sports clubs?
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How can young people age 14-25 volunteer with sports clubs?

They could be a waterboy. Or if its baseball a bat boy.

When was Clubs for Young People created?

Clubs for Young People was created in 1925.

What is a young sports leader?

a young sports leader is someone who helps train and teach children (younger sports people)

Where can young people volunteer?

- You can also volunteer at hospitals, schools, after school programs, parks, offices, salons, pet shops, etc.

Were could young people interact with less supervision?

Young people could potentially interact with less supervision in public places such as public libraries, community centers, or parks. Additionally, social gatherings or events organized by schools, youth clubs, or sports teams could provide opportunities for young people to interact in a less supervised environment.

What do youth clubs do?

They help kids and give them something to do.

True or false changes in public education such as organized sports and social clubs had little impact on the lives of young Americans?

False. Changes in public education such as organized sports and social clubs have had a significant impact on the lives of young Americans. These activities promote physical health, social development, teamwork, and discipline, which can have long-lasting effects on the overall well-being and development of young individuals.

Do you think young people should volunteer for social work?

yes because it give them a sense of accomplishment in life

Why is sports good for young people?

Because if old people did it they would break a hip.

What does PESSYP stand for?

Physical education sports strategy for young people

What opportunities for political involvement are available to young people in our community?

There are political clubs and organizations that are made specifically for teens.

Why it is important to expose young people to both sports and arts?

It is important to expose young people to both sports and arts for various reasons. This will help in bringing out their skills and talents and may serve as a source of livelihood in the future.