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5.5 km

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Q: How long is the longest hopscotch grid?
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How long is the world's longest hop scotch?

I think it is 10,001 squares and over 2 miles long. That's the longest I know of but it may be more. Anyway, I hope that helps!!! The longest hopscotch course/track was recently accomplished in Kingston, Tennessee. It was approximately 3 miles long. Guinness World Records attended the event (Beautiful Feet and gave a plaque to the designer. The designer also hopped the entire course!

How long is the biggest hopscotch recorded?

36 in

Is there a record for hopscotch?

The record for the longest hopscotch game played is 29 hours and 2 minutes, set in 2003 by a group of people in Pennsylvania. Individual records for the fastest completion of a hopscotch course vary, but generally fall around 1-2 minutes.

What is 'Hopscotch' called in Scotland?

simple its called hopscotch i think dont take this

What is hopscotch called in New York?


How do you spell hopscotch?

That is the correct spelling of the sidewalk game "hopscotch."

What is the duration of Hopscotch film?

The duration of Hopscotch - film - is 1.73 hours.

When was Hopscotch - film - created?

Hopscotch - film - was created on 1980-09-26.

What are the release dates for Hopscotch - 2010?

Hopscotch - 2010 was released on: USA: May 2010

Where does hopscotch come from Scotland?

Hopscotch comes from Scotland I think. Estimated Accuryacy = 88%

What number does the largest hopscotch go up to?

10,001 4 girls created it and it was 2 miles long

How long is the longest long ever longest on the longest long?

The longest song ever in the USA was 75 minutes