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Q: Are royel and darius from kids react brothers?
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Is kids react and teens react American or European?

"Kids React" and "Teens React" are American web series produced by Fine Brothers Entertainment, based in Los Angeles, California. They feature children and teenagers reacting to various pop culture topics and videos.

Where is kids react located?

"Kids React" is produced by Fine Brothers Entertainment, a digital production company located in Burbank, California, United States. The show is filmed in their studio in Burbank.

What do you have to do to be on kids react?

Kids React is a video series created by the Fine Brothers on YouTube. To become a part of the cast, the creators must be contacted and, if the creators take interest in the proposed member, an interview is likely to take place.

What is Darius Rucker kids name?


Is Darius Rucker married?

Yes he is married! and has 3 kids

How do you be on kids react?

To be on "Kids React," you can apply through the website for Fine Brothers Entertainment, the production company behind the series. They periodically hold open casting calls for kids of different ages and backgrounds to participate in their shows. Participants are typically chosen based on their personality, enthusiasm, and ability to express their opinions in a clear and engaging manner.

What are the release dates for Kids React - 2010 Kids React to Frozen Let It Go 1-97?

Kids React - 2010 Kids React to Frozen Let It Go 1-97 was released on: USA: 16 February 2014

Is kids react and teens react American?


Where do they film teens react and kids react?

Rhode Island

What is Amelia Lauren's last name from kids react to?

Amelia Lauren's last name from Kids React is actually not publicly available or disclosed by the React organization to protect the privacy and safety of the kids involved in the show.

Can I be on kids react in L.A?


What did the Jonas Brothers play at Kids Inaugural?

The Jonas Brothers performed SOS, Lovebug, and Tonight at the Kids Inaugural 2009