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Dhyan Chand is known as the wizard of hockey for hos phenomenal dribbling skills and his efforts

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Q: Why was the Dhyan Chand called wizard of hockey?
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Who is known as the hockey wizard of India?

Dhyan Chand

Who is known as the wizard of hockey?

Major Dhyan Chand, of India

Who is called the Magician of Hockey?

dhyan chand

Who was known as the wizard of Field Hockey?

No, Dhanraj Pillay is not known as the Wizard of Hockey. Though he is also one of the excellent players of Hockey, but the legend who was known as the 'Wizard of Hockey'; was one & only Major Dhyan Chand.

Which sport did Dhyan Chand play?

Dhyan Chand played the sport of field hockey.

Who is known as the wizard of Indian hocky?

Dhyan Chand.

Magician of India hockey?

Major dhyan chand

Who are some famous field hockey players?

Dhyan Chand: Famous the world over as the `Hockey Wizard`, he dominated the game like no other player in the history of the game. Dhyan Chand, along with the ranks of Don Bradman and Jesse Owens, stands among the all time greatest giants of the sporting world.

Which hockey player is also recognised as Magician of Hockey?

Dhyan Chand By karan jain

Who was the Indian Hockey player known as Hockey-Wzard?

Late Major Dhyan Chand.

Which player was popular as the Wizard of Field Hockey?

Major Dhyan Chand of India was popular as the 'Wizard of Field Hockey'. He was the 'star player' of the 1928 and 1932 Gold Medalist Olympic Team of India. In 1936 Olympic, he was the Captain and once again won the Gold.

Who is called as the magician of hockey?

The Swedish born hockey player Kent Nilsson was known by the nickname "the Magic Man".