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Q: Which jersey number hasn't been worn in the NHL yet?
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What number jersey has never been worn by a NY Mets?


What jersey number has never been worn by a ny knick?

69 loloolololol

Who wears jersey 57 in basketball?

Jersey number 57 has never been worn in NBA game play.

What jersey number has never been worn by a professional athlete?

I'm guessing 69 haha

Which jersey number has only been worn by one player in Miami dolphin history?

Ricky Williams 24

Who has worn jersey number 33?

Eric Smith

What Cubs players have worn jersey number sixty six?

According to, no Cubs player has worn jersey number 66.

Which current or past NBA players wear number 87?

There has been no present or past NBA or ABA players who have worn the jersey number 87.

Who has worn jersey number 9 for the gonzaga bulldogs basketball team?

There is no record that any player has ever worn the number 9 jersey for the Gonzaga Bulldogs menÕs basketball team. Another notable jersey number, the number 12, was retired after worn by John Stockton from 1980 until he was drafted in the NBA in 1984.

Who has worn number 2 jersey for university of Alabama?


Who have worn jersey number 9 IN SOCCER?

The Number 9 is associated with LEGENDS. It is usually worn by strikers. Greats like Lineker, Robbie Fowler, Ronaldo, Gabriel Batusta have worn this jersey. Currently, famous names associated with the jersey are Fernando Torres and Karim Benzema.

What is Lionel messi's jersey number?

Lionel Messis jersey number for the Spanish giants Barcelona is number 10, as it was formerly worn by Ronoldhino.