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The first date of ice skating has been lost in the annals of history. There have been crude ice skate found in Finland from about 4,000 years ago. For more history, read the link below.

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Q: When did people first speed skate?
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How many people speed skate?

There's no number. Ususally in Short track there's 4 on the ice at a time, racing that is. The most I've ever seen is 6, and that was in a 3000m race. But in long track yo can have more, dependson the number of people racing, and the number of people in the meet.

Do you have to be skinny to skate?

No. It certainly helps alot... but there are plenty of "heavy set" people who speed skate.

When did people first skate?

the early sixties

When did people first start ice skating?

The history of ice skates is still a subject of controversy. It dates to the European medieval ages. It is said the first ice skates were tried in Finland in the 1400's. It was first used with steel and the bottom parts were also sharp. No one person can be credited to this sport except it was game played by both layman and Royals. It is said King James II of England once visited the Netherlands and saw the sport and got loyal to it and after his return the game was appreciated in England. Also there are lot of evidences from the 14th and 15th century where they show the paintings depicted with ice skates. Some historians still debate on the inception of ice skates saying it was played much before. According to a recent research some historian found in a lake in Switzerland animal bones dating back to 3000 B.C used as ice skates. But nevertheless it became more popular only after the 14th and 15th centuries. Hope this helps.

Which country was the first country to speed skate?

The first pair of all-iron skates goes to a Scotsman who invented them in 1592. England had the first speed skating race in 1763.

Who was the first person to speed skate?

Speed skating originated in the Netherlands and Scandinavia over 1000 years ago. The Dutch were the first to develop the sport in the modern era.

What is speed skate racing?

Speed Skating is an olympic sport.

Who won first gold at winter Olympics?

Charles Jewtraw of the United States in the 500-meter speed skate

What are the Norway speed skaters?

Norwegians that skate fast

How can you do easy olies?

well first gain speed then lean your skate board on to the back wheel's then slam it on to the back wheel's and then you will do an olie.