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Yes I have it! Signed also!

i want to sell it 817-360-7575!

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Q: Was there a Schrade Walden William F Buffalo Bill Cody knife?
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When did the schrade Walden h 15 knife end production?

The Schrade Walden h-15 was manufactured between 1959-1975

When did the schrade Walden h-15 knife end production?

The Schrade Walden h-15 was manufactured between 1959-1975

What is theValue of Schrade-Walden 148 Hunting knife?

about 40-70$

What is theValue of Schrade Walden 148 Hunting knife?

about 40-70$

What is the age of a schrade-Walden 225H?

The age of a Schrade-Walden 225H knife can vary depending on the specific production year. Schrade-Walden knives were produced from the early to mid-20th century, so this particular model could potentially be several decades old. You may be able to determine a more precise age by researching the manufacturing timeline of Schrade-Walden knives.

What is the value of a Shcrade Walden 882y three blsde stockman knife?

The value of a Schrade Walden 882Y three-blade stockman knife can vary depending on its condition, age, and rarity. Generally, these knives can range in value from $20 to $100 or more in the collector's market. It's recommended to check online marketplaces or consult with knife collectors for a more accurate valuation.

What is the difference between a Schrade knife and a bread knife?

A Schrade knife can be a pocket knife, a hunting knife, a fillet knife, etc. However, a Schrade knife is generally not a bread knife (used for bread). A Schrade knife generally has more special uses.

What is schrade u.s 497?

I have a schrade 497 Knife. Have had it for over 30 years now

How old is your Schrade knife?

6 months old.

What is value of Schrade 75th anniversary knife?

100 pounds

Schrade knife value?

Impossible to evaluate sight unseen. Sorry.

If you have loose blades in your schrade pocket knife what will the schrade company do?

Tried myself to get my made in USA schrade fixed from Taylor , the new owner of schrade. They told me no way. but would trade me my Made in USA knife for there cheap chinese junk they sell as schrade. No self respecting American should carry the junk they are pedalling. I'll never buy anything from these people, TOTAL JUNK, AS WELL AS HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.