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James Pittar, a blind swimmer from Australia back in the early 1990's.

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Q: Is there any blind person who swam the English channel?
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How many people have swam the English Channel?

To swim the English Channel, It would tak an estimated time of... **(450mins)*** - About 7 and a half hours!!! To swim the English Channel, It would tak an estimated time of...**(450mins)*** - About 7 and a half hours!!!

What year did jenny James swim the English channel?

Jenny James swam the English Channel on Aug 16 1951, in a time of 13 hr 55 Min's, Her Pilot was W. E. Cockings, the boat was Charles 11 she was 23 years old. this was the second Daily Mail swim, she was the third female to finish after Brenda Fisher 12hrs 42mins and Winnie Roach of Canada 13 hrs 25 Min's. She was the 12 swimmer overall. Jenny was unsuccessful in 1952 when she was sea sick. Jenny was entered in the 1953, 54,55, and 56 Butlin swims, but for various reasons was unable to swim.

Who was the first swimmer that crossed the English channel?

Giovanni Maria Salati (Malesco,1796 - ?, ...) was an Italian soldier.Son of Domenico and Anna Maria Salati, he was recruited into Napoleonic army. The 16 August 1817, Giovanni Maria Salati had been a prisoner for a few months in Dover, captured by the English and kept in an old ship used as a concentration camp.That day would have been his last day of captivity: overnight the 21-year-old marine rifleman, wounded and defeated at Waterloo, jumped into the water heading toward the coast of France.He was the first man in the world to have crossed the Channel by swimming. Captain Matthew Webb was the first. He was killed trying to swim agross the Niagra River in Canada/US He swam the channel in 1875.

Where did Sir Franis Drake go on his journey around the world?

hey guys i searcvhed it up on youtube and he was talking and he said he took no route he juyst swam to places from the northeast passage to the northwest passage k guys srry bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye

Who discovered Mildura?

The area where Mildura is now located was first discovered by Captain Charles Sturt in January 1830. Sturt travelled down the Murray River, tracing it to the sea, and reported on the rich, fertile land he noted along its banks. Mildura was actually settled in 1847, and only after Major Thomas Mitchell had travelled through western Victoria and reported on what he called "Australia Felix" or "Australia's Happy Land" because it was one of the most fertile regions he had yet seen in Australia. The first actual European settler in the Mildura district was Frank Jenkin, who swam a mob of cattle across the Murray River from New South Wales, and illegally took up land in the region then called Yerre Yerre. He did not have a licence, so he was forced back into New South Wales by Hugh Jamieson who was the legal licence holder. Mildura was gazetted as the name for the town on 20 March 1858.