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no his bad finger gave up on him\\\\\\\\\\









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Q: Did bartolomeu dias give up his bad finger yo?
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What was life like for bartolomeu dias on his journey?

he had a bad time there were alot of storms

What year and the day did bartolomeu dias die?

Answerthey are not sure when he died because his ship crashed in a bad storm sometime in the 1500s.

Who was bartolomeu dias mother and father?

The exact information may be available in an archive in Portugal. But historians in Portugal believe Bartolomeu Dias [c. 1450-May 29, 1500] to have been the descendant of a seafaring line. He may have been the relative of Dinis Dias, who was one of those navigators who has been credited with discovering the Cape Verde Islands in the mid-15th century. And Bartolomeu Dias may have been the relative of Joao Dias, who was among the first Portuguese explorers to prove that there was a sea route around and past Cape Bojador, in present Morocco. Historians list Diogo Dias aka Diogo Gomes, and Pero Dias, as brothers of Bartolomeu Dias. The former was one of those navigators who has been credited, along with Antonio Noli [1415-1497, or 1419-1491], aka Antonio da Noli and Antoniotto Usodimare, for discovering the Cape Verde Islands off the coast of Senegal. Information on Diogo under the last name of Gomes gives dates of about 1420, to about 1485 for him. If those dates are correct, then Diogo was about 30 years older than Bartolomeu. So Diogo may have been Bartolomeu's father, or a relative other than within the direct, nuclear family. Pero commanded the supply ship for the expedition that Bartolomeu Dias pioneered around the Cape of Good Hope, in 1487-1488. Sources tend to identify Pero as having discovered the Isle of St. Lawrence, or the present Madagascar, in 1500. But a few sources credit Diogo with that discovery. One of Bartolomeu's two sons was ka Simao Dias de Novais. Novais is a parish in Vila Nova de Famalicao, which is a municipality in the northern Portuguese district of Braga. The ending de Novais may indicate that the Dias' family home was originally there.

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What problems did Bartolomeu Dias have?

Bartholomew Dias encountered many problems. Such as facing the big storm at the the cape of good hope. Facing big waves on the journey to go to the Atlantic. Also they have to face a unknown waters which made them afraid.

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