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If I was you, I would drop the competition. For multiple reasons. 1) Its not safe to skate when your injured. If it is the male parter who is injured i would especially drop out because he will most likely be lifting you; which would be extremely dangerous. 2) You can't skate without costumes. If you have a specific person that makes them for you, or you know of someone that could fix it, then you may get lucky. But they won't let you skate if its a major competition without costumes. 3) Dizziness is not a good sign. In ice skating you do many spins and dizziness could affect your vision, and you could get hurt.

So basically these are my reasons that i suggest you consider. If your situation isn't that severe you may still be able to compete. It just depends on you and your determination and commitment. I hope i could help you. =]

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Q: Your skating costume ripped and your skating partner feels strangely dizzy and you broke your finger and the big competition is in 22 hours so what should you do?
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