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Q: Why won't solder stick to some metals?
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How do you solder onto a universal pcb?

The solder wont stick.

What ae the different types of meatls?

There are many types of metals you get ferrous and non ferrous metals. A magnet will stick to ferrous metals such as iron and steel but wont stick to non ferrous metals like copper or alluminium.

What should be cause and remedy if solder wont stick or adhere to baord or part?

Caused by dirt. The component or copper track should be clean and bright. Clean with abrasive paper or scratching clean with a knife. Flux should only be relied upon for the least bit of oxidation, caused between cleaning and the solder process.

How do solder copper pipes with water in them?

That cant be done because as long as there is water in them the temperature of the pipe wont go up enough to allow the solder to flow. you have to remove the water.

Why wont a quarter stick to a magnet?

Quarters are made of non-magnetic materials like copper and nickel, which do not have magnetic properties. Therefore, a quarter will not stick to a magnet because there are no magnetic forces attracting the two objects together.

What will happen if you stick your hand in carbon dioxide?

your hand wont do anything.

Can you kill a vampire with a random stick?

Well in books I've read the stick has to be sharp or it wont penetrate through the muscle to the heart.

Can clear silicon be painted?

Yes but if it is pure silicon then the paint wont stick to it.

Are you supposed to wear cologne and stick deoderant together?

I think the stick deodorant is a must. and the cologne wont do any harm if you like the smell of it.

Metals are conductors of heat does this mean metal wont get hot?

Since metals are conductors of heat, that means heat can be transferred to the metal, thus the metal does get hot.

Why does my technics hifi cut off?

Inside the amplifier on the main PCB (Printed circuit board) there are 2 speaker protection/power relays. When they become old and worn the contacts inside become less conductive (worn out) and they dont always make a good contact, when this happens the hi fi wont turn on. It will eventually stop powering up and it wont work. The remedy is to replace both the relays, de solder them and solder in new ones, problem is you probably wont be able to source the parts.

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you click on pishurs and then click on he one you wont and their you go