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Because if skis were short and round, they would be called "bicycles".

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skis sold without bindings are flat skis

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Q: Why do skiers use skis which are long and flat?
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Why do skeirs use flat and broad skies?

Skiers use flat skis to to help them go fast they make a pizza by digging the side of their skis

Why do skiers use flat and broad skies?

Skiers use flat skis to to help them go fast they make a pizza by digging the side of their skis into the snow the side of the skis are sharp so that's makes them stop and go

Why do skiers use skis?

Because if they used anything else they wouldn't be skiers.

Explain why skiers use long flat skies to slide over snow?

because of pressure

What skiers use to go faster?

Longer skis Different wax Steeper slope Guts

Do world cup skiers use the same skis as you buy?

Not unless you are a ski racer yourself, and were lucky enough to get top of the line equipment. World Cup skiers get the best race skis that their factory makes. They have many different pairs of the same type (downhill skis, for example) that they will test to see which are the fastest. Race skis are highly specialized and differ greatly from demo skis or skis that the public usually buys. You can see this reflected in the price. Race skis typically run $800-$1000 for the skis, not including bindings.

Skiing is a form of what?

Skiers use skis to slide down a mountain on snow. There are various distinct disciplines available in competition skiing. Alpine skiing is a form of speed skiing in which competitors ski around gates as they descend a hill. Skiers may do it for fun or for competition

How could a person who skis or hikes use a topographic map?

You can use a Topographic Map to see where your trip would be flat or hilly, warm or cold.

How do laplanders use skis?

Laplanders use skis and follow their reindeer herds

Can you use a candle to wax your skis?

i just waxed my skis with a candle that i melted with an iron onto the skis scraped and smoothened the surface..tested the skis on slopes.seems like my skis made a squeeking sound on the snow..but all in all it worked well

What is a ski resort?

Popularly, a ski resort is a place of winter recreation for alpine snow skiers and snowboarders. Alpine snow skiers are skiers who specifically ski downward on a snowy slope. To go upward on the said slope, a ski resort usually furnishes a mechanical lift, usually chairs which travel along a suspended cable that is elevated above the slope on vertical pole towers. The lift transports an alpine skier from a lower point to a higher point on a hill/mountain to facilitate the alpine skier descending a snowy slope. Many ski resorts routinely use machinery to modify the snow surface of a slope. This modification, or grooming, is done to maintain a firm and planar snow surface under the demands of frequent skier traffic. Many alpine resorts will produce snow by spraying water into cold air to supplement natural snow depth and prolong the snow skiing season.In contrast to alpine skiers, who travel down snowy slopes on skis, a ski resort can also facilitate Nordic or cross country skiing. Nordic skiers travel on snow across land. Nordic skate skiers maneuver their skis laterally, skating, to propel the skier forward. Skating skiers require a firm, planar snow surface, often maintained by grooming machines. Nordic Classic or cross country (XC) skiers shuffle their skis in a smooth fore and aft motion to propel themselves forward. Cross country/classic skiers move slower than skate skiers but can usually ski just about anywhere there is snow, and don't necessarily require the groomed paths of a ski resort. Each of the three types of skiing described (alpine, skate, cross country) is normally done using independent sets of respectively specialized ski equipment.

What careers use slopes?

I honestly have no idea at all :)