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he was a surfer and had a dream about Surfing down mountains! so he made the first prototype two skies tied together and gave it to his duaghter as a gift! he then went on to make a more substancial model which went into production. it proved hugely popular among surfers and it took off from ther!

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Absolutely not! Tom Sims, founder of Sims Snowboards did.

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cause his friends dared him to

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Q: Why did jack burchett invent the snowboard?
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Where was MJ Jack Burchett born?

M.J. Jack Burchett is credited with beginning Boardsport, or sports played with boards, be they snowboard or skateboard. He was born in 1906.

Where was Jack Burchett born from?

Jack Burchett was born somewhere in Michigan.

Was there snowboarding during the 1930s?

Jack Burchett made a snowboard like sled in 1929, by tying horse reins to a cut out of plywood. Next Sherman Poppen Created the Snurfer in 1965, the Snurfer is often cited as being the first snowboard.

When did mj jack burchett die?

It is not known when M.J. Jack Burchett died. He is credited with creating on of the first snowboards which is used in the snowboarding sport.

What country was Jack Burchett born in?

United states

In what town was MJ Jack Burchett born?

Gary, Indiana.

When was MJ Jack Burchett born?

I believe he was born in 1906.

When did Josiah Burchett die?

Josiah Burchett died in 1746.

When was Josiah Burchett born?

Josiah Burchett was born in 1666.

When was Richard Burchett born?

Richard Burchett was born in 1815.

When was James Burchett born?

James Burchett was born in 1930.

How tall is Rebecca Burchett?

Rebecca Burchett is 5' 5".