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Jeffrey Frisch from Mont Tremblant Quebec

Brad Spence of Calgary Alta

Morgan Pridy of Whistler BC

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Q: Who is a famous candian mens skier?
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Is toni sailor a famous skier?


Who is the most famous female skier in Croatia?


Who is a famous women skier?

Annemarie Moser-Pröll.

Who is Eva Ellington?

she is the famous skier in Ottawa. i studied her

Who was the most famous female croatian skier?

janica kosteclic

Who is Croatia most famous female skier?

Janica Kostelic.

Who was the most famous female skier in Croatia?

Janica Kastelic

Who is most famous female Croatian skier?

Janica Kostelic :D

Who is the most famous croatian female skier?

Janica Kostelic is the most famous female Croatian skier. She has won four Olympic gold medals and a World Cup.

Who is the most famous Croatian skier Janica Kostelic or Severina or Ivana Trump?

Severina :)

What sport was Alexander biloudoaeu famous?

Alexandre Bilodeau is a Canadian freestyle skier from Montreal, Quebec.

What is the mame of the most famous cross countery skier?

The most successfull cross-country skier ever is Bjørn Dæhlie from Norway with 46 world cup wins and 8 olympic golds.