Who founded the Burton brand?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Jake Burton

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Q: Who founded the Burton brand?
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Who invented the Burton company?

Burton Snowboards was Founded by Jake Burton Carpenter in 1977.

Which clothing company was founded by Jake Burton carpenter in 1977?


What company manufactures Burton Apparel?

The Burton Corporation is the company that manufactures Burton apparel. The Burton Corporation is headquartered out of London, United Kingdom and was founded in 1903.

When was Burton snowboards started?

It was founded in 1977 in Vermont.

What is the difference between Morrow and Burton snowboards?

Burton is probably the best brand of snowboard on the market. I would recommend a Burton over a Morrow.

Is kissmark snowboards a good brand?

I think the best brand is.... Burton. He invented the snowboard.

Will Burton snowboards only take Burton bindings?

yes Burton is a brand and only sticks with there brand no that above statement is not true...there are many bindings that ARNT Burton and will of my friends has a Burton feather and ride bindings so some do fit...just to make sure ask whoever your buying them from if they know anything about it

Where could someone get snowboard bags by Burton?

Snowboard bags by Burton can be purchased at one's nearest Burton brand stores, or through online they can go to the official site of Burton to find their desired snowboard bags.

What brand of polo shirt is worn by Jay in Eastenders?

Burton group

What brand did Kate Middelton pick for her wedding dress?

Christine Burton

Who founded a brand of automobile in 1897?

Ransom E. Olds founded the Oldsmobile.

Where can one purchase Burton menswear?

One can purchase Burton menswear by simply visiting the Burton website itself. As the brand seems to be mostly creating clothes for men one can find these products in all categories.