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speed skating

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Q: Which skating discipline uses skates with the longest blades?
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Which skating events in the winter Olympics use skates with the longest blades?

Speed Skating

Which skating event use skates with the longest blades?

Ice dance

What can you use to clean your skates?

You can clean blades with a dry towel. Make sure you do this every time you go skating!

What equipment is required for a figure skater?

The equipments for figure skating differ. Of course, skates. For the skates you will need guards to protect your blades. If you are planning to compete you will need skates, outfits, music, and lots of support and practice, partner if working with someone, coach, skating rink, and a bunch of happiness.

Are speed skates hockey skates or figure skates the longest?

Speed Skates have the longest blade.

What does it mean to go skating?

It means to go to a skating rink (either ice skating or roller skating), putting on skates, and then skating. The form of skates and the type of rink you need depends on what type of skating you wish to do.

What is the present tense of 'to skate '?

Present simple is skate - I /we/you/they skate every afternoon. Or for he/she/it use skates. He skates down at Riverside. Present continuous is am/is/are skating. I am skating. He is skating. They are skating

What is the definitiion of ice skating?

To be able to wear shoes with metal blades attached to the sole of them. To then allow the human body to wear these "skates" to glide across ice.

What are the differences between speed skates and figure skates?

The speed skates have longer blades

What shoes are best for skating?


What does ice-skating and roller-skating have in common?

both you have to wear skates

What is the difference between aggressive skates and normal skates?

aggresive skates are made for more aggresie skating